VALORANT: KAYO Flash Lineups on Ascent


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KAYO’s nerf opened up a ton of alternative flash opportunities.

VALORANT: KAYO Flash Lineups on Ascent

Before KAYO’s nerf in Patch 5.07, players have been playing the humanoid robot less like an Initiator that paves the way for his teammates and more like a duelist who seeks out 1v1 duels around the map. You can’t blame players for doing this, though, as KAYO’s flash is the closest thing to a CSGO flash in VALORANT – something many CSGO-turned-VALORANT players will be very familiar with.

Patch 5.07 completely nerfed KAYO’s underhand pop flash, making it less useful for 1v1 duels. However, it didn’t take long before players started using KAYO’s flash in an arguably more potent way in-game.

We have taken the time to compile some of the best KAYO left-click pop flashes in VALORANT, so you can flash for your teammates when attacking or defending on Ascent.

KAYO Flash Lineups for A-site

If you’re planning to attack Ascent’s A-site, your team will most likely take the A-Main entrance or risk middle control and take the A-Tree lane towards the A-site. Most of the time, your team will want to split between these two lanes to overwhelm the A-site defenders with your team’s multiple angles of attack.

However, you will be better off playing A-Main as some of KAYO’s most powerful left-click pop flashes can easily be lined up from A-Lobby.

A-Main Pop Flash (Attacking)

  1. Align yourself along the edge of this wall in A-Lobby:
image 296
image 298

2. Turn towards A-Main and aim for the edge of this roof:

3 8
image 299

A-Entry Pop Flash (Attacking)

  1. Align yourself with this small indent on the wall:
4 6
image 301

2. Aim for the bottom right corner of this dark brick on the opposite wall:

5 8
6 4

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash:

image 302

The flashbang will bounce off the wall and pop shortly. You can start pushing as soon as you throw the flash grenade. This should blind defenders actively holding the A-Main angle. If you time it right, the flash grenade will completely blind the opposing team, while you only get blinded slightly.

KAYO Flash Lineups for Middle

Middle on Ascent is a great lane to play as KAYO as well. From here, you can easily spot players with your EMP knife or set up a pop flash for A-Tiles when attacking or defending.

Middle Tiles Pop Flash (Defending)

  1. Stand in this corner in the middle barrier before the round starts:
image 304

2. Aim along the top part of the middle tiles wall:

image 305
7 5

3. As soon as the barrier drops, run forward a split second, then throw the flash grenade:

image 307

The flash grenade should pop almost instantly after landing. You and your teammates can use this pop flash to aggressively push the middle tiles area.

image 308

Middle Tiles Pop Flash (Attacking)

  1. Align yourself with the edge of this wall if Mid Link:
image 310

2. Aim for the bend on the cable on the wall:

image 313
8 5

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flashbang:

image 314

KAYO Flash Lineups for B-site

KAYO’s left-click flash is powerful on Ascent’s B-Main when attacking. You can use the lineups below to flash any Defender holding B-Main or catch rushing attackers off guard with a sneaky pop flash from B-Market.

B-Main Pop Flash (Attacking)

  1. Stand in this corner at the B-Main entrance:
image 315

2. Aim for the upper left corner of this frame on the wall:

image 316
9 3

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash grenade:

image 317

B-Main Pop Flash (Defending)

  1. Align yourself with this column on the B-Market entrance:
image 318
image 319

2. Turn towards B-Main. Aim a little past the tip of the roof:

image 320
10 4

This flash lineup is best used when you have a teammate ready to peek out into B-Main.

image 321

Pop Goes the Flash

Riot Games always envisioned KAYO as a team player, as evidenced by the nerfs that the devs slapped on KAYO back in Patch 5.07. KAYO’s nerfed right-click pop flash means KAYO mains can no longer effectively fight 1v1 against duelists, but the improved duration for his left-click flash has turned him into a powerful support flasher.

The flash lineups featured in this guide will work best when you can communicate with your teammates and work with them when clearing sites around Ascent. Coordinate with your team and raid Ascent with the flash lineups above.

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