VALORANT: KAYO Knife Lineups on Pearl (Defending/Retake)


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How are they supposed to attack the bomb site with no abilities?

VALORANT: KAYO Knife Lineups on Pearl (Defending/Retake)

Pearl’s bombsites are full of corners and hiding spots that the Defending team can use to their advantage on Defense. The Attacking team will need a ton of smokes and flashes to clear corners and block off vision from connecting lanes if they want to enter A-site or B-site safely.

As KAYO, there is not much you can do about enemy team smokes, as these abilities can be set and activated from a distance. Instead, you can use KAYO’s EMP Knife to disable the rest of the Attacking team’s kit (Flashes/Mollies) to cripple their bombsite take on Pearl.

With this in mind, we have compiled some of the best KAYO Knife lineups on Pearl that will tag and disable as many Attackers as possible.

KAYO Knife Lineups on Pearl Defending

KAYO Knife Lineup on Pearl A-Main

There’s an Ultimate Orb just waiting to be taken at Pearl’s A-Main, and both the Attacking and Defending teams have an equal chance of taking the orb if either side is bold enough to contest it.

As KAYO, you can get a quick headcount on the Attacking team with your EMP knife as they make their way towards A-Main. If both sides fight over the Orb at A-Main, your team will have the upper hand since the Attackers can not use their abilities for a few seconds.

  1. Stand behind A-site Default:
image 166

2. Aim for the upper 1/3 of the A-Main pillar:

image 168

3. Throw KAYO’s Knife:

image 169

When done correctly, KAYO’s Knife should land on the A-Main pillar and tag players at A-Main and some of the A-Restaurant:

image 170

KAYO Knife Lineup on Pearl B-Main

A-Restaurant and A-Main are close enough to A-site, which means you and your teammates can use sound cues to get a good idea about how many Attackers are making their way towards A-site without having to use any utility. The same cannot be said for B-site.

B-Main is a couple of meters away from B-site itself, meaning your team has to peek out towards B-Ramp to see how many enemy team players are at B-Ramp. The only way to get early information on the incoming Attackers is through utility.

This early information B-Ramp knife lineup should give you a quick headcount on the Attacking team, so you and your teammates can rotate as needed to B-site.

  1. Stand along this small walkway at B-Link:
image 171

2. Aim for the tip of this roof:

9 1

3. Jumpthrow KAYO’s Knife:

image 173

KAYO Knife Lineup on Pearl A-Site Retake

Another great use of KAYO’s knife is for retake situations. In this case, you can make A-site retakes on Pearl much more manageable through this simple lineup.

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Secret:
image 174
image 175

2. Look up towards the scaffolding:

image 176

3. Aim for the middle line:


4. Throw KAYO’s Knife normally:

image 178

When done properly, KAYO’s Knife should land on top of this roof at A-site:

image 179

KAYO Knife Lineup on Pearl B-Site Retake

B-site can be a bit trickier than A-site to retake because of the multiple spots and angles that the Attacking team can use post-plant, such as B-Hall. Clear out these tough angles and secure your team’s retake with this retake knife lineup for Pearl B-site.

  1. Stand in this corner at Defender Side Records:
image 180

2. Aim towards the right tip of the bottom tile:


3. Throw KAYO’s Knife normally:

image 182

When done properly, KAYO’s Knife should land on top of B-Hall and tag anyone hiding within the area:

image 183

Cutting Up the Offense

In the right hands, KAYO can bring a ton of value and impact to his team on Pearl. While we only featured knife lineups in this guide, his molly and powerful flash grenade are likewise powerful tools that can make quick work of Pearl’s tight corners and cubbies.

With that said, the lineups above can help you secure key positions around the map and gain early information on the Attacking team’s location, so you and your teammates can fortify contested positions around the map effectively.

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