VALORANT: New Aquarium-themed Portugal Map Leaks


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VALORANT: New Aquarium-themed Portugal Map Leaks

Riot Games has not added a new map to VALORANT in what feels like forever now. The last map added to Riot Games’ fabulous first-person tactical shooter was Fracture in September 2021 – eight months ago.

With all the Fade hype dying lately, Riot Games will have to follow up quickly with some new and exciting content to keep fans hyped, and newer players hooked.

Fortunately, it seems like Riot Games is on top of things, as the devs have slowly been teasing an all-new location since the release of Episode 4.

VALORANT New Map Location and Lore Leaks

Riot Games have always incorporated coordinates to pinpoint the real-world location of their maps in-game. For example, a quick look at Haven’s coordinates – 27°28’A” N 89°38’WZ” E – will take us to Thimphu, Bhutan.

The devs habit teasing content such as lore elements through coordinates. And now, some eagle-eyed leakers have just spotted what seems to be the coordinates to the newest VALORANT map.

A series of Tweets by renowned VALORANT leaker – Valorleaks – suggests that the newest VALORANT map will be set in the capital city of Lisbon, Portugal.

The location is further reinforced by the existence of this player card from the current VALORANT Battle Pass:

If you have been following the VALORANT Lore for some time now, you will recognize Ruben and Oran as two scientists from Alpha-Earth and Omega-Earth. They worked on the Radian Collider at the Everett-Linde Research Facility in Fracture.

This player card is particularly intriguing, as scientists and workers within the Everett-Linde Research Facility were forbidden from traveling across Fracture’s two sectors, let alone traveling through different Earths.

It will be interesting to know where the VALORANT Lore progresses from here. Many people died following the Everett-Linde Research Facility incident due to the two Chambers’ actions.

However, if both Ruben and Oran somehow made it out of the facility alive, their existence and knowledge of Omega-Earth and Alpha-Earth is something that someone (most likely Chamber) will want their hands on.

To round things off, there is this Tweet by Riot Games themselves:

This Aquarium Tweet by Riot Games has a strong connection to the underwater tunnel that Ruben and Oran’s Tram is on in the Battle Pass player card and the leaked coordinates that point towards the sea a few miles out of Lisbon, Portugal.

VALORANT Map Release Date

As of right now, Riot Games has not confirmed the existence of this new map, which means that a release date is also out of the question for now.

Historically, Riot Games has released new Agents or Maps as part of a new VALORANT season or “Episode,” as it is more commonly known in-game. With this in mind, we can expect the new map to drop in early July when Episode 5 comes out.

In the meantime, fans will have to wait for further announcements from Riot or wait for more leaked content information from data miners and lore-hunters.

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