VALORANT: Split Temporarily Removed from Competitive Queue


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Jett can’t get a break – Riot removes Split from Competitive Queue following a Jett exploit.

VALORANT: Split Temporarily Removed from Competitive Queue

It was just yesterday when Riot Games released VALORANT Patch 4.11 that sought to address and fix numerous bugs around Agents such as Skye, Yoru, and of course, Jett.

A few hours later, Riot Games has already found a new bug involving none other than VALORANT’s most famous (or should we say most notorious) Agent – Jett.

In this article, let’s go through the bug/exploit and what this means for Jett players and non-Jett players.

Game-breaking Updraft Exploit on Split

The bug/exploit is pretty straightforward – Jett players could double updraft on top of the light fixtures above the A-Heaven entrance/Ropes and completely disappear from the enemy team’s line of sight.

This spot will be out of view for players making their way to A-Heaven from A-Ramps on Split. Defending-side Jett players can easily catch a few Attackers off guard through this nasty exploit.

Watch this quick video clip from Redditor u/amenbo to better understand how the exploit works.

The trick seems to be very repeatable, as seen in a couple of clips that showcase the bug/exploit, which means that Jett players can easily take advantage of this bug/exploit to gain the upper hand in Competitive Matches.

The exploit was already known to a few Jett enthusiasts weeks before Riot Games even caught a whiff of the bug in-game. However, the exploit spread faster than wildfire due to clips circulating on social media, such as u/amenbo’s clip above.

Riot Games frown upon any exploit or bug found in VALORANT, as these have the potential of tilting the game’s competitive balance towards players or teams who can take advantage of the exploit. As such, Riot Games acts on these bugs and exploits as quickly as possible.

However, it seems like this exploit with Jett’s Updraft on Split is a little more complicated than usual, as Riot Games was forced to remove the entire map from Competitive Queue until they can fix or patch up the exploit completely.

Not Again, Jett

VALORANT’s Episode 4 has not been too kind to everybody’s favorite Duelist. In the few months since VALORANT Episode 4’s release, Jett has received nerfs and has been the subject of a few game-breaking Jett bugs/exploits, such as the Super-Dash exploit and the now popular double Updraft exploits on Split.

The good news is that Riot Games is known to push updates and fixes quickly for bugs and exploits, so players can expect a patch to come out in a few days for Jett’s Updraft exploit.

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