VALORANT: Terms and Slang for New Players


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VALORANT: Terms and Slang for New Players

Back in the early days of online gaming, voice chats and chat wheels were nothing but a pipedream, and players could only really communicate through the in-game text chat (if the game even had one at all.)

Due to the competitive nature of some of these games, players had to find ways to convey text to other players as quickly as possible. Unless you were someone who could type at least a hundred words per minute, the quickest way to do that is by cutting the words short into special terms and slang.

As the internet became more accessible to gamers worldwide, a laundry list of terminologies and slang words have been created and uttered online and are still widely used as a quick and easy way to communicate online.

For VALORANT, a set of terms and slang words denote important actions or locations in-game. We made a quick list of the most common ones in this guide.

Common VALORANT Terms

VALORANT TermsMeaning
AceWhen one player scores a kill on every player on the enemy team in a single round.
ADSStands for aim down sights. In VALORANT, this makes use of most guns’ built-in sights.
Anti-ecoYour team buys stronger weapons relative to the opposing team’s loadout to keep a weapons advantage and increase your chances of winning the round.
SpikeRefers to VALORANT’s version of the Bomb.
BunnyhopAlso known as b-hopping, the Bunnyhop is an advanced movement technique that allows players to move slightly faster than running.
BuyThe whole team purchases the best weapons and armor they can afford.
CampTo stay within a specific area indefinitely.
CDRefers to ability cooldown.
Clear/clear siteThoroughly check the bombsite for any hidden defenders before planting the Spike.
CTCan refer to Defender Spawn or the Defending team themselves.
CubbyDeep corners within the map where players could be playing from.
DefaultGo-to Spike plant location on every map. Prioritizes planter safety rather than optimal post-plant defense.
DinkSuccessfully landing a headshot but failing to kill the enemy team player.
Double upTo add another player to any location on the map to reinforce the area.
DropRefers to buying a teammate a gun.
Eco/Eco roundAlso known as save round. The team does not buy weapons or armor to save up for a better loadout for the next round.
Entry FraggerTypically a job for the Duelists. Players who initiate site entry.
Exit FragTypically done by Defenders on a failed retake. Pertains to waiting for and killing Attacking team players to clear out the site to avoid getting killed by the resulting Spike explosion.
FlankTypically done by defenders. Takes advantage of the Attacking team’s focus on clearing and defending the bombsite to attack from behind.
FlashAbilities that cause your screen to go blank for a brief period. Example: Phoenix’s Curveball/Reyna’s Leer.
FlawlessA perfect round where none of your teammates died.
FragTo kill or get kills early in the round.
GHGood half.
Heaven/HellTypically used on elevated platforms and the space beneath them.
HookaRefers to the small room connecting Bind’s B-short and B-site.
Jump PeekAn advanced technique that’s used to bait out a shot from the enemy team. Involves jumping toward the edge of the cover and quickly turning around while mid-air.
Line upSetting up abilities to land at a specific location on the map. Typically used for Sova’s Shock Dart, Viper’s Snake Bite, etc.
LitUsed to describe when an enemy player has taken significant damage and is low on HP.
LurkAttacking team players who play slow and attempt to catch rotating Defenders off guard.
MollyIncendiary abilities that cause damage over time. Some examples are Brimstone’s Molly, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, and Viper’s Snake Bite.
Ninja DefuseSuccessfully defusing the bomb without the attacking team noticing.
One-tapRefers to a single-bullet kill—usually a headshot.
One-shotUsed to describe a player who’s one shot away from dying.
One-wayTypically refers to smokes placed in such a way that only one side can see players on the other side.
PeekMove out of cover to check for enemies or try to score a kill.
Peeker’s AdvantageFavors players that peek first due to how VALORANT’s net code processes player input from their mouse and keyboard.
PickPlaying slowly or passively and waiting for greedy Defending team players to peek out in the open. Typically done by Attackers.
Play SlowPlaying slow and steady as opposed to rushing into the bomb site.
Plant for XX refers to a specific location in a bombsite. Plant the Spike at a specific location to take advantage of lineups or stronger angles.
RezRefers to Sage’s Resurrection.
RoombaRefers to Raze’s Boom Bot, which looks very similar to a Roomba.
Team AceEvery player on your team scored a kill in the current round.
ThriftyYour team won a round with less powerful weapons than the opposing team.
TPMeans teleport. Can refer to Omen’s Shadow Step or Ultimate Ability or a teleporter on Bind.
TRefers to the Attacking Team or Attacker Spawn.

Roomba Out!

The terms above are some of the most commonly used or heard terms in a typical VALORANT game. If you ever get confused about what a teammate was trying to say, feel free to refer to this list to get a good idea about the meanings of these terms in-game.

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