VALORANT: Use Viper’s Snake Bite on Yourself to Cancel Enemy Viper’s Molly


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Beat the enemy Viper at their own game.

VALORANT: Use Viper's Snake Bite on Yourself to Cancel Enemy Viper's Molly

Viper’s Snake Bite molly is one of the most effective post-plant mollies in VALORANT. Each molly charge lasts 5.5 seconds, and since Viper can have as many as two charges at any given round, she can effectively delay the Spike defuse by up to 11 seconds.

Another great thing about Viper’s Snake Bite is the debuff it applies to affected units called Vulnerable. This accelerates the amount of damage that Snake Bite inflicts on enemies. Units affected by Vulnerable will receive double the amount of incoming damage from all sources for as long as the debuff is active.

All these combine to make Viper’s Snake Bite a formidable post-plant molly lineup that is unstoppable – until now.

Snake Bite Counter

Reddit user u/Inpharen posted a short clip highlighting how he and a buddy successfully negate the latter’s Snake Bite post-plant molly lineup on Breeze A-site by using his Snake Bite molly on himself.

Typically, if you were at the receiving end of the Snake Bite molly lineup, you would have no choice but to wait out the molly or hunt down the enemy Viper at A-Lobby. Either way, the timer will be ticking, and you will lose precious time to defuse the Spike.

If you were using Viper, firing your Snake Bite molly at the exact location as the enemy Viper’s molly would effectively cancel out the enemy Viper’s Snake Bite, as the game will prioritize your own Snake Bite molly’s effects and override the lethal effects of the enemy Viper’s Snake Bite.

An Unfair Yet Valuable Exploit

You can expect Riot Games to classify this as a bug, however, as this exploit demonstrate ability effects that are unintended and not part of the original design of the game.

Before Riot Games puts an end to this neat trick in the next patch, try it out for yourself, confuse the enemy Viper, and score a quick post-plant win for your team.

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