VALORANT: Viper’s Pit Placement on Pearl


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Nothing like a nice game of hiding and seek.

VALORANT: Viper's Pit Placement on Pearl

Viper is arguably a must-pick Agent on Pearl. Not only can her Toxic Screen ability be set up to easily cover multiple sightlines in either bombsite, but her post-plant Snake Bite lineups are also powerful for stalling the Spike defuse post-plant.

Nevertheless, the strongest ability in Viper’s Kit is her Ultimate Ability – Viper’s Pit. How strong, you might ask. You can almost guarantee a round win with Viper’s Ultimate Ability up.

You can set up Viper’s Pit any way you like on Pearl, and you will always reap the benefits of making it more difficult for the enemy team to find the Spike on post-plant and drain their HP down to 1 if they stay in the pit long enough.

But to make things more exciting, the Viper Pit placements we have featured below will help you find a safe spot around Viper’s Pit and allow you to shoot Snake Bite lineups from a safe spot.

Viper’s Pit Placement on Pearl A-site


Pearl’s A-site is quite small if we are talking about the size of the Spike plant area relative to the bombsite itself, which means that you can get away with pretty much any sensible Viper’s Pit placement on the bombsite still get decent results from it.

That said, this Viper’s Pit placement is placed in a way that will allow you to take refuge in a secluded spot and allow you to line up a few post-plant Snake Bite mollies to help delay the Spike defuse.

  1. Stand towards the right side of A-Default:
image 1

2. Aim around the middle spot of A-Default:

image 2
image 3

3. Plant the Spike at the right side of A-Default:

image 4

4. Stand in this corner at A-Dugout:

image 5
image 6

5. For post-plant mollies, aim for the lower left corner of this brick wall:

image 8
image 7

Viper’s Pit Placement on Pearl B-site

Compared to the A-site, Pearl’s B-site is quite a bit more spacious and has even more angles and entryways that players can use to peek towards the site.

Like A-site, a simple Viper’s Pit placement in the middle of the B bomb site is enough to make the enemy team think twice about entering the area. Sure, they can contest post-plant by entering Viper’s Pit, but they risk draining their HP down to 1 in the process.

As with A-site, this Viper’s Pit Placement on Pearl B-site will give you a small spot where you can hide and guard the Spike against the enemy team post-plant. You can also throw your Viper Snake Bite lineups from that spot to help delay the Spike defuse or even score a few kills on enemies who might attempt to defuse the Spike.

  1. Stand in this corner at B-Link:
image 9
image 10

2. While standing against the wall, activate Viper’s Pit:

image 11

3. Plant the Spike here:

image 12

4. Stand inside this small corner behind the generator:

image 13
image 14

5. For post-plant mollies, simply aim above this line on the small strip on the wall:

image 15
image 16
image 17

Toxicity at its Finest

What makes Viper’s Pit powerful is its ability to simultaneously cover a large area, reduce enemy vision, and continuously drain enemy HP through its powerful Decay effect. The longer enemies stay within the Pit, the easier it will be to take them down via gunfire.

Viper’s Pit will work well even when placed around the Spike post-plant. But for the best results, you might want to try the cheeky Viper’s Pit Placements we have shown above. The Viper Pit placements above will give you a secure spot where you can wait out the enemy team post-plant and delay their defuse attempts with your Snake Bite mollies.

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