VALORANT: Wallbang Spots On Ascent


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VALORANT: Wallbang Spots On Ascent

Walls and other types of cover are plenty around Ascent. Crates, Radianite boxes, and concrete walls are used as cover from incoming enemy fire, so corners are often where most engagements happen around VALORANT.

Most types of weapons in-game can penetrate most of the various types of cover present within the game. However, the more powerful you climb up the weapons tier list, the more capable these weapons are in penetrating the various types of cover scattered around VALORANT maps.

Wall bangs are great for deterring and slowing down enemy team rushes – taking damage or even dying from a wallbang is the last thing that VALORANT players want. With this in mind, we have compiled some of the most useful wall bang spots around Ascent that can help you score a kill or two early in the round.

Why Wallbang in VALORANT?

Wallbangs are utilized around the idea that players generally occupy the same spots before round start to gain a head start in positioning. These spots are usually behind common pre-round barrier spots scattered around the map.

Generally, round-start-wall bangs are more effective on Defense because the Attacking side will want early information regarding Defender positions so they can regroup and reposition around the map accordingly.

While wall-banging spots around the map might not always end with you getting a free kill, you can at least chip away at the enemy’s HP, even if just a little. The chip damage you inflict on enemies you wall bang might force the enemy team to waste a valuable heal from a Sage, for example, so it is still a win.

What are the Best Guns For Wallbang in VALORANT?

Almost every gun in VALORANT can Wall Bang as long as the wall in question is not impossibly thick relative to the gun you are using.

However, the damage reduction from wall bangs using a less than ideal weapon might not be worth the wall bang in the first place.

The mainstream rifles such as the Phantom and Vandal should have no problems wall-banging most cover and walls around every map in VALORANT with decent damage to boot. If you want to get serious and take advantage of the cheesy wall bang spots we will feature in this article, use an Ares or its bigger, more expensive brother, the Odin.

It is also worth noting that Sniper Rifles such as the Marshall and the Operator can also deal decent damage through walls. A well-placed round-start wall bang can quickly turn the round into a 4v5 situation.

With that out of the way, here are some helpful wall bang spots around Ascent.

Ascent A-site – A-Heaven to Hell Wallbang

You have probably already seen a few players use this wall bang for A-Hell. The A-Heaven to A-Hell wall bang can be a great tool to have on a retake. Attackers on post-plant will try their best to hide and take advantageous angles to defend the Spike on post-plant.

A-Hell happens to be one of the better hiding spots for Attackers on post-plant because Defenders will be at a duel disadvantage if they decide to jump out from A-Heaven.

Make sure you do not fire your weapons at a steep angle, as it will lessen the effectiveness of the wall bang.

Ascent A-site – A-Hell to Heaven Wallbang

Wall bangs in VALORANT are often a two-way deal – if one side can do it, the other side can make the same wall bang.

With that in mind, a wall bang from A-Hell towards A-Heaven can also be made to inflict damage to rotating Defenders on post-plant.

The best way to do this is by standing right in the middle of A-Hell when firing.

Ascent A-site – A-Hell Bricks Wallbang

We already know that A-Hell is one of the more good spots for Attackers on post-plant. However, within A-Hell, there are only really two good spots that players hide in on post-plant – the spot behind the stone bricks is one of them.

Common sense would tell us that it would be useless to wall bang these bricks. Ironically, these bricks are fairly thin and will allow even lesser rounds such as Vandal and Phantom rounds to penetrate easily.

Make sure you clear this corner with a wall bang since players hiding close within this corner will not be visible to you unless you hard-clear it.

Ascent A-site – A-Hell Right Corner Wallbang

A-Hell’s right corner is one of two common hiding spots in Ascent’s A-Hell area.

This spot is fairly easy to wall bang. Just aim along the edge of the grey cloth.

Ascent A-site – A-Heaven Half-wall Wallbang

A-Heaven’s Half-wall is also skinny and easy to wall bang. It might be worth spraying this spot while the rest of your team enters A-site to deter Defenders from pushing past the Half-wall.

Aim along the thin pipe, so your bullets don’t shoot past the enemies’ heads.

Ascent A-site – Tree to Default Post-plant Wallbang

We rarely see anyone attempt to wall bang this wall inside the Tree room, which is a shame since it is probably one of the better post-plant wall bang spots on Ascent A-site.

As long as you have a good idea of where Default is from behind this wall, you can wall bang this wall with an Odin or Ares to inflict decent damage to whoever is on the other side through this wall bang.

Ascent Middle – Mid-Link/Tiles Wallbang

Mid-Link/Tiles is a no-brainer – the walls can easily be wall banged as long as you take the steel plating out.

On Ascent, where Middle control is crucial for taking control of either A or B-sites, Attackers will want to take the Mid-Link/Tiles route to take control of Middle.

With this in mind, you can deter the Mid-Link/Tiles players from peeking out of Mid-Link through a simple wall bang from A-Short.

Ascent Middle – Subroza Wallbang

There will be times when rounds become extremely awkward on Ascent, especially in the lower elo. In some of these rounds, players are in weird angles and spots in Ascent’s Middle.

Subroza is aptly named because of the multi-kill play that Pro-player, Subroza, achieved using this spot.

This spot can easily be wall banged with an Odin, Ares, or Operator. Rifles such as the Vandal and its counterparts will not be able to wall bang through Subroza’s steel wall.

Ascent Middle – Lower Middle Wallbang

The walls surrounding the lower middle area in Ascent’s Middle can also be wall banged.

If you are lucky enough, you might even catch a Market player with an Operator wall bang from Top Middle.

Ascent B-site – B-Main Odin Wallbang

  • Aim above the four-legged creature’s head (seriously what animal is that supposed to be?) and along the grey line on the wall for the best results.

This wall bang spot is probably the most popular spot made famous by streamers and pros alike.

Sova is probably the best Agent to utilize this wall bang spot as he can ping and scan players within the B-Main area with his Recon Bolt ability.

Ascent B-site – Switch Wallbang

The left corner of the Switch workshop area is worth a wall bang when entering B-site. A Defender might be lurking behind this wall waiting for Attackers to access the Switch.

Ascent B-site – Stairs Wallbang

The Stairs area is one of the more common Defender spots on Ascent’s B-site.

Make sure to adjust your aim to go lower as you go further towards the left side to adjust for the Stairs’ elevation.

Ascent B-site – Market Wallbang

B-Market’s right side wall is also relatively thin and can easily be wall banged with an Odin, Ares, or Operator.

B-Market is a common Defender rotation lane. Knowing this, it might be worth a wall bang spam with high-penetration weapons such as the Odin, Ares, or Operator.

Ascent B-site – Behind Switch Close Corner

  • When clearing from workshop, aim just a little to the bottom left corner of the first hoop.

The small corner behind the Lane half-wall is another common cheese spot for Spectre and Judge plays. The corner behind the Half-wall is a very close corner that requires Attackers to swing out deep into Lane to see the player lurking in the corner.

Wall banging this spot upon site entry will help clear this area.

  • When clearing this spot from Lane, aim along the edge of the shadow.

Ascent B-site – Boat House Wallbang

The Boathouse is where most Attackers hang out after planting the Spike. The Boat House area provides vision towards both Stairs and Lane.

The entire wall surrounding the Boathouse area is wall bangable with an Odin, Ares, or Operator. In contrast, a Vandal or Phantom will only be able to penetrate the Boat House arches.

Ascent B-site – Double Box Wallbang

Radianite boxes are generally easily wallbangable. The Double Radianite Boxes within B-site might also be worth a wall bang to ensure nobody lurks behind it.

Ascent B-site – Default Wallbang

We mentioned how Radianite boxes are generally wallbangable in VALORANT, so the Default area might be worth the wallbang on post-plant or stopping a plant entirely.

Bang Bang Bang

Wall bang spots are plenty around Ascent. Knowing where and when to use them can help your team stall enemy rushes and clear out cheeky cubbies safely.

Most of these wall bangs can be made with a Phantom or Vandal. However, for best results, you will want to use an Odin, Ares, or Operator to penetrate thicker walls.

Wall bangs are not an essential part of VALORANT gameplay per se, but when used at the right place at the right time can help control areas of the map without using your team’s precious utility.

That is about it! We hope you learned a ton of new wall bang spots around Ascent! For more VALORANT Wall Bang spots, you might check out our article on Wallbang Spots on Haven.

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