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Shot through the wall, and you are to blame. You give Wallbangs a lousy name.

VALORANT: Wallbang Spots on Haven

There is a love and hate relationship between players and walls in VALORANT. In one round, a wall or cover gives you just enough damage reduction from the incoming enemy fire to survive and kill your opponent, while in another round, you find yourself hosed down from a four-bullet wall bang through the corner of the same wall. 

Walls and other types of cover around VALORANT maps are generally easy to wall bang. Knowing where and when to wall bang some of these spots around the map can net you an easy kill or two early in the round, putting your team in an advantageous position throughout the rest of the round. 

With that said, we have compiled the most effective Wallbang Spots around Haven you can use to tilt both your enemies and the tides of the match in your favor as well. Let’s get started!

Why Wallbang in VALORANT?

Wallbangs are utilized around the idea that players generally occupy the same spots before round start to gain a head start in positioning. These spots are usually behind common pre-round barrier spots scattered around the map.

Generally, round-start-wall bangs are more effective on Defense because the Attacking side will want early information regarding Defender positions so they can regroup and reposition around the map accordingly.

While wall-banging spots around the map might not always end with you getting a free kill, you can at least chip away at the enemy’s HP, even if just a little. The chip damage you inflict on enemies you wall bang might force the enemy team to waste a valuable heal from a Sage, for example, so it is still a win.

What are the Best Guns For Wallbang in VALORANT?

Almost every gun in VALORANT can Wall Bang if the wall in question is not impossibly thick relative to the gun you are using. However, the damage reduction from wall bangs using a less than ideal weapon might not be worth the wall bang in the first place.

The mainstream rifles such as the Phantom and Vandal should have no problems wall-banging most cover and walls around every map in VALORANT with decent damage to boot. If you want to get serious and take advantage of the cheesy wall bang spots we will feature in this article, use an Ares or its bigger, more expensive brother, the Odin.

It is also worth noting that Sniper Rifles such as the Marshall and the Operator can also deal decent damage through walls. A well-placed round-start wall bang can quickly turn the round into a 4v5 situation.

With that out of the way, here are some helpful wall bang spots around Haven.

Haven C-site Double Box Wallbang

In the lower elo, the C-site Double Box (the stacked boxes to the right upon site entry when Attacking) is an underrated corner that can catch incoming Attackers off-guard. With the help of a Shorty or Judge, Defenders can score easy eco-picks from this spot on eco rounds.

You will want to wall bang this spot whenever you get the chance. If you do not end up killing the player behind it, you will want to force them at least to come out of that spot.

Where to Aim

It is important to note that the angle from which you are facing these double boxes matters significantly. So you might want to guesstimate the position you are wall-banging to get value out of this wall bang spot.

Haven C-site Default Plant Wallbang

This wall bang spot for C-Default is great for stopping a C-Default plant.

C-Default is the most common Spike Plant spot on Haven’s C-site. It might not be a good idea to attempt this wall bang on defense since you will be left open to players at C-Long. The best time to use this wall bang will be on site-retake pre-plant if you come from C-Link or CT.

Attackers will want to assume positions around the C-backsite area to complete their C-site take, so there is another reason not to attempt this on Defense.

Where to Aim

  1. Stand in this corner at C-Backsite:

2. Aim for this corner:

Haven Garage Double Doors Wallbang

The Defending team can easily defend C-Garage from within Garage Window. However, enemies will already be on high alert on any player from Garage Window since it is a familiar Defender spot in C-Garage.

Mix up your C-Garage defense with this wall bang for Garage Double Doors.

Where to Aim

  1. Stand in this corner outside of Garage Window:

2. Wall bang on along this Arrow:

Haven Garage Window to Attacker Spawn Wallbang

This next wall bang is directed towards the Attacker Spawn area, where the barrier stands before the round starts.

Earlier in this article, we mentioned how Attackers tend to stand next to these pre-round barriers to gain early information or quick positional advantage upon round start. You can take advantage of this tendency to inflict some quick chip damage through this wall bang.

To access this wall bang, you will have to destroy the Garage Double Doors’ metal shielding.

Where to Aim

  1. Inside Garage Window, aim just a little above this steel frame on the left wooden door:

Haven B-site to Mid Window Barrier Wallbang

The Middle Window wall bang is one of the most commonly known wall bang spots on Haven. However, this fact does not stop the Attackers from peeking as quickly as possible towards B-site – this is common in lower elo.

Knowing where to wall bang at Middle Window can help you score some quick chip damage and maybe even an easy early-round kill for your team.

Where to Aim

  1. Align both of these walls together:

2. Look for this dark brick on the wall:

3. Aim slightly to the left of the dark brick or until your crosshair aligns with this hanging banner:

Feel free to tap away or wall bang this spot with an Operator. You might score an easy kill.

Haven B-site to Mid Window Right Corner Wallbang

The right corner of the Middle Window is not a common spot for Attackers to stand around in.

If you see a player running towards this corner at Middle Window, though, here is where to aim to wall bang them out from this position.

  1. Stand in this corner at B-site:

2. Align your crosshair with the plant pot just below it and aim towards the middle of the light-colored wall:

Haven A-site A-Tower Wallbang

Haven’s Tower/Heaven is another familiar spot that Defenders take on-site defense and retake. The right corner of A-Heaven (when viewed from A-site) gives defenders vision towards A-Short and a little bit of Grafitti.

You can wall bang the right wall of A-Heaven to clear out any Defender from that spot.

Where to Aim

Aim a little to the wall’s right along the line that separates the light-colored wall and the darker-colored paint on the wall if you’re coming from A-Main.

From A-short, aim along the same dividing line separating light-colored paint from the darker-colored paint. Aim for the middle of the wall:

Start the Round With A Wall Bang

Wall bangs are a non-essential part of VALORANT. Wall bangs are an easy and relatively safe way to inflict chip damage to your enemies when you have no immediate vision of their location but have a good idea where they are taking cover from enemy fire. However, it is also great to know where and when to use wall bangs to give yourself options in various situations within a given round.

Wall bang spots are also a great pseudo-deterrent that keeps your enemies on their toes. Most of these wall bang spots are directed towards areas around the map that are common spots that Attackers stand around before the round starts.

There you have it! We hope you find this guide on Wallbang Spots On Haven useful!

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