Warframe: How to Join Open Squad?


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Playing alone in Warframe is possible, though you must bring your best weapons. However, if you want a break from solitude and play with random Tenno, you can change your game mode to make that possible. When you’re ready to team up, it’s time to head over to open squads.

Warframe: How to Join Open Squad?

With open squads, you’ll match up with other Tenno willing to play with random players. They can help you progress through the star chart; you don’t have to wait for friends to join you.

What Does Open Squads Mean in Warframe?

There are four game modes in Warframe, namely:

  • Solo
  • Friends-only
  • Invite-only
  • Public

The solo game mode is, as the name suggests, playing alone. The following two limit who you can join while playing any multiplayer-eligible mission. The latter means you’ll only play with other Tenno when you invite someone or get invited.

Public mode is where open squads become possible. When you click on a mission on the star chart, you’ll see the mission’s level, game mode, and the number of open squads. The latter is only visible if you turn on Public Mode.

The number of open squads tells you how many teams require additional Tenno. Open squads occur when Tenno becomes the host without others in their lobby. Due to the three extra spaces, the game’s matchmaking system will fill in the squad as soon as possible.

If you click on a mission when Public Mode is on and see at least one open squad, you should join immediately. This way, you won’t be alone, especially if you’re not confident in beating the mission.

Playing in the other three modes won’t show you the number of open squads available. When you play with friends in these modes, you agree to keep the team small. Open squads won’t be a concern, then.

There are many different game modes in Warframe, and other than quests, you can usually join an open squad if you wish.

How to Join an Open Squad in Warframe?

Usually, Tenno playing Warframe will be in their Orbiter deciding on what missions to play next. When you know what to play, you’ll most likely head to the Navigation screen, where most missions are. Check out these steps to join an open squad:

  1. Open your menu or walk towards the Navigation section at the front of your Orbiter.
    Screenshot 65
  2. Select “Navigation” to open the star chart. You’re in the right place when you see a holographic map with planets.
  3. Click the icon in the middle of your profile icon and the “+” button.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select “Public.”
  5. Now, you can join missions with open squads, potentially meeting new Tenno with which to clear missions.

The steps outlined above are the most common way to join an open squad, as the planets and moons are where most Tenno grind today. However, this isn’t the only game mode with open squads.


While Warframe initially marketed itself as a game with space ninjas, the Empyrean update added something new. Gone are the speedy parkour sessions, for the most part, as Tenno fights in space using ships called Railjacks.

Empyrean was introduced a few years ago, and the most critical combat occurs in space. The standard star chart mentioned above isn’t where you play Empyrean mission. There’s one way to play open squads in Empyrean, and you don’t have to beat the “Rising Tide” quest to join.

If you previously completed “The Archwing” quest, you can use this method to join any Empyrean mission node with open squads.

  1. Head to Navigation.
    warframe 3 1
  2. Once you open the star chart, move your cursor to the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the “Empyrean” option. A new star chart will open.
    warframe 6
  4. Check if you’re in Public Mode or not.
    warframe 1 1
  5. If you’re in Public Mode, check if the mission node you want to play in has any open squads.
  6. You’ll spawn on the host’s Railjack if the squad is available after the game loads.

Playing in the Landscapes

Landscapes are special missions. All other missions in Warframe have random-generated segment combinations. In contrast, Landscapes are open-world missions where Tenno can spend hours exploring.

All Landscapes have fixed locations, landmarks, surroundings, and more. Currently, the available Landscapes in Warframe are:

  • Plains of Eidolon (Earth)
    Plains of Eidolon 1
  • Orb Vallis (Venus)
    Orb Vallis Venus
  • Cambion Drift (Deimos)
    Cambion Drift Deimos

Even though Landscapes have an open-world environment, the game mode isn’t an authentic open-world experience. Tenno still plays in four-person squads, even though each Landscape’s central town can hold 50 Tenno at once.

Due to the Landscapes’ nature, you can quickly join open squads with random Tenno if you wish to roam around the Landscapes. You can also leave the current team when you want to and extract to reap your rewards.

There are two ways to join open squads in Landscapes. The first method is as follows.

  1. On your Orbiter, go to the Navigation screen.
    warframe 3
  2. Move your cursor to the top-left corner.
    warframe 2
  3. Ensure your game mode is set to “Public” so you can join open squads.
    warframe 1
  4. When the star chart appears, pick one of the three Landscapes.
  5. Pick the node with the “Free Roam” game mode, not the central town attached to the Landscape.
  6. If there are open squads, join the mission.
  7. Once you load, you may play with at least one more Tenno somewhere in the large open-world mission.

This method is for Tenno, currently in their Orbiters. The following procedure is for Tenno at the Landscapes’ central towns for various reasons. They might be there to gain powerful items or cut fish.

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An example is the Necralisk on Deimos, the Cambion Drift’s town.

To join an open squad from a central town, follow these steps:

  1. In either of the three main towns, open your menu.
    warframe 2 1
  2. At the top-left corner, ensure you’re in Public Mode.
    warframe 1 1
  3. Walk towards the large gates in the town.
  4. As the game loads, you’ll notice that other Tenno’s names are appearing.
  5. When the game loads, you’ll see more Tenno at the top-left corner of the screen.
    warframe 4
  6. If you see these signs, you’ve successfully joined an open squad in a Free Roam mission.

You can remain on the mission for both methods as long as you want. If the other Tenno is leaving, you’ll eventually become the host, and no random Tenno can join you.

Tenno, who wants to leave an open squad Free Roam mission, can choose to leave the party by selecting the option from the menu. Once alone, you can head to extraction when you wish and not inconvenience the other Tenno.

Why Can’t I Join Open Squads in Warframe?

You might not be able to join open squads in Warframe for a few reasons. Let’s look at what causes them and how to address possible issues.

Disconnecting from the squad

You may sometimes disconnect from the squad if your internet connection is weak. The silver lining is that Warframe usually tries to let you reconnect with the team. If you wish to rejoin the Tenno, select “Yes” to proceed.

Forgetting to change the game mode

Sometimes, Tenno forgets to switch to Public Mode after a long farming session for Argon Crystals or other resources. All they need to do is change the game mode, and they may join open squads again.

The number isn’t accurate

Even if the game says there are three open squads, you may not join them. This issue is because you were too slow on the draw. Try canceling the mission countdown and joining the mission again to join any available squads.

Who’s Going Fishing With Me?

Public squads are an option for you, whether you want to play Warframe with new people or don’t like being alone in missions. Open squads are especially beneficial when people are farming Void Fissures, as you might get some valuable rewards from strangers. Other times, you can go fishing with random Tenno.

What was the best reward you obtained from Void Fissure open squads? Do you tend to play in Public Mode? Let us know in the comments section below.

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