Wasteland 3 – Best Armor (Power Armor)


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The most crucial aspect in Wasteland 3 is proper gear. The game hinges on the ability to upgrade Rangers, equip the appropriate equipment, and take the right skills and perks.

Wasteland 3 – Best Armor (Power Armor)

There are many strong armors in the game. However, every piece of equipment comes with its ups and downs. The best armor in Wasteland 3 is currently considered the Power Armor. If you want to maximize the potential of your Rangers, then the Power Armor is your go-to.

Power Armor – Best Armor In Wasteland 3

What is unique about this armor is that the set can be obtained multiple times. This means that this set can be equipped with numerous Rangers. The helmet and leggings give off +11 Armor stat, while the chest plate gives off +21 Armor.

The Power Armor is best suitable for the tanks in your squad. One of its most important requirements is that you need eight strength to equip it. So, how do you get best armor? There are three ways:

Option 1: Whetstone in Yuma County

To do it this way, you will need to finish the mission “The Psychopath.” Then meet with the NPC Angela Deth to start “The Traitor” mission.
Next, go to Yuma County and buy this armor from Whetstone.

Option 2: Buy it from shop

Like the first way, you will need to have the quest “The Psychopath” already finished. Likewise, start the quest “The Traitor.”

After getting a radio message, for something about the Ranger Station, go to Ranger HQ armory and buy the set. Another set can be purchased from the same place after dealing with Liberty.

Take it from Canninbal Jamboree

To do this, you need to have a minimum of 8 Kiss-Ass stats. Make sure “The Psychopath” quest is done.

Take the “Head Hunter” quest from the northern part of Colorado. Canninbal Jamboree is located in west Colorado. The entrance can be found somewhere in the C-shaped portion of the map.

When you reach the cannibals, please do not kill them. Instead, speak with them because you won’t be able to equip this armor if you get it by lock-picking. When you finish the quest, you can freely eradicate all the cannibals.

You can acquire the armor in all three ways. So, instead of one armor set, you have multiple, which you can use on more Rangers.

However, be wary this armor can be acquired by players who have progressed to the game’s later stages. Good luck!

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