Wasteland 3 : How to unlock Ranger HQ Vault


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While exploring the Ranger HQ, you should have faced a locked door, just a bit past the infirmary. If you try to open it, you will see that it needs a unique code, and there is no way around it. So you have to find the code, or you won’t be able to pass that door. You might think that you don’t need it, but the vault behind that door has great loot, so that might be very useful to you. Let’s see how we can unlock the Ranger HQ Vault.

Wasteland 3 : How to unlock Ranger HQ Vault

How To Unlock Ranger HQ Vault with Codes

To gain access to this vault, you will need to progress through the game campaign until a slaver with the name La Perla appears near the exit to Colorado Springs. It would be best if you interacted with this character; once you do, she will mention a “quest” for you. She wants you to find a slave named Hallie spotted around that area.

There are a few choices to make here that will determine how this “Ranger HQ Vault” quest plays out.

  • You can turn her down immediately, and the quest is over.
  • You can accept her proposal, and she’ll offer to give you one of the codes to the vault as proof. You can take the code and get or take the code and test it yourself. It doesn’t matter what choice you make out of these two. The code works, so there isn’t any reason to worry about that.

After you accept this quest, you have to head towards the Colorado Springs; you’ll find Hallie at a campfire near the pillories. Talk with her, and you’ll have another couple of options to choose from:

  • Warn Hallie about the slaver looking for her. She’ll run away, and you’ll get a boost to your Wastelander Refugees reputation.
  • Lie to Hallie and tell her that her mom is back at Ranger HQ. She’ll go there and be captured by La Perla.

If you warn Hallie, head back to Ranger HQ and talk to La Perla. A couple of options here include the ability to lie to La Perla, use a Kiss Ass 3 tier conversation option, or outright attack her and her people.

If you turn Hallie in, return to the Ranger HQ, and one of La Perla’s lackeys will hand over the rest of the vault codes, allowing you access to the vault. There’s no way to gain access to the rest of the vault without turning in Hallie to La Perla.

After you get the codes, go into the vault and enjoy the loot.


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