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There is no shortage of hidden locations and places in Wasteland 3. Most “hidden” places in games are shown on the map and could be easily got at, but the secret places in Wasteland 3 are incredibly challenging to find.

Wasteland 3 : Denver Airport Location

That is why we all love Wasteland 3, the excitement you get from grinding and grinding and seeing it getting paid off. That is no secret. Wasteland 3 is a challenging game.

The hidden locations have some very unique loot. But, for the most part, they are places where players have to go on primary and secondary missions. Nevertheless, like the Denver Airport, these places are exciting and add a flair to the game. But where is the Denver Airport location?

Denver Airport Location In Wasteland 3

As mentioned above, even though some secret locations are displayed on the map in Wasteland 3, the Denver Airport is nowhere to be found.

At the Denver Airport, you will meet the Machine Commune. There is also the possibility of side activities and missions along the way or at the airport. That’s why most players are interested in going to this undisclosed location.

How to get to the Denver Airport?

  1. Go to the Denver Ruins.
  2. Interact with the Gippers and Val Buchanan. Either attacks the Gippers or choose to do this peacefully.
  3. Make your way through the Godfisher’s Camp.
  4. Once on the other side, look for signs of an existing airport. Walk around until you find a travel node.
  5. When you find the travel node, interact with it. This will take you to the infamous Denver Airport Location.
  6. Once you reach the airport, you can finally meet Machine Commune. If you are more of the explorer type, the Denver Airport is very interesting to explore. Go explore Ranger!

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