Wasteland 3 : How To Find The Crossbow



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The weapons in Wasteland 3 are mostly bizarre technological weapons with a lot of “boom.” However, there are many historic weapons added to the game.

Wasteland 3 : How To Find The Crossbow

Weapons like the handgun, crossbow, ordinary ARs are all not that special, considering how crazy this game is. Nevertheless, they can be an exciting trophy to earn or to have fun with. An example of this is the crossbow.

The crossbow or Crossboom in-game is an automatic weapon that can be acquired at the specific hidden location. See below on where and how to find the crossbow in Wasteland 3.

How To Find The Crossbow/Crossboom

This weapon is not as dull as many players think. Its description says it all. It states that even though dynamite stick quarrels might take a second to explode, it is worth waiting.

So, you aren’t just shooting arrows around. Instead, you shoot dynamite sticks to mobs that explode. However, this gun doesn’t have a unique special ability. It can be heavily upgraded just like any other weapon with certain weapon Mods.

Where to find the Crossbow?

  1. Travel to Bizarre Exterior.
  2. Go to the Dentist’s Office of Bizarre Exterior.
  3. Find the room in which you can travel to Warrens.
  4. Inside, look for a red locker. Inside you will find the Crossboom.

Beware that Level 8 for Lockpicking is required to get into this locker. Well, it will be worth it once you receive the exciting Crossboom. Good luck, Ranger!

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