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My Body Requires This is an exciting mission in Wasteland 3. It all revolves around some lost ramen noodles. The quest can be initiated when talking to Masato, a food merchant, the primary reason you have to form a search party for noodles.

Wasteland 3 Ramen Noodles Location | Where to Find

The primary mission reward is Masato, which can be recruited as a companion after mission completion. However, you can try to recruit him even before you start the mission, but you risk being rejected quite quickly. The objective is to get the noodles and bring them back to Chef Masato.

This mission can be problematic but no worries. We have the Ramen Noodles location outlined below.

Where Is The Ramen Noodles Location

The quest can be initiated from chef Masato who is located in the middle of Bizarre Interior. Next to the merchant sign, you will see that this place is a point of interest.

A point of interest usually means that you can interact with the NPC and sometimes initiate a secondary mission. Once you begin the “My Body Requires This” mission, you will need to do the following to complete the quest:

  1. Travel to Warrens.
  2. Go to the Diner in Warrens.
  3. Find a vending machine and interact with it. Choose the [Nerd Stuff: 5] decision. It’s obligatory to have level five of nerd stuff to get the ramen noodles. If not, you cannot finish the mission because this is the only way.
  4. Get the noodles to Chef Masato.

Upon completion, you will get two stir-fried pork and Masato as a recruit. Be careful when moving through Warrens. The Diner is deep inside Warrens, so there will be many fights along the way. Once you reach the Diner, you will be jumped by mobs again. Only after you eliminate your enemies will you be ready to take the Ramen Noodles.

This is a straightforward mission with a good reward. Recruits are always welcomed to you for the Ranger HQ. The more you have, the stronger you are. You don’t necessarily need nerd stuff to get the Ramen Noodles, but the other ways are much more complicated and require silver coins. Good luck, Ranger!

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