Wasteland 3 : Liver Box Utility Item Location



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Utilities that significantly improve the success rate of your Ranger squad can be acquired through the game. The more advanced utilities are usually harder to get but have a significant impact on your Rangers. Useful utilities are as essential as proper gear, and goo perk and abilities build.

Wasteland 3 : Liver Box Utility Item Location

These items usually come in very bizarre shapes and forms. This is no surprise since Wasteland 3 has quite many surreal elements. Utilities provide extra buffs, stats boost, and multiple effects when equipped. Most of them can be looted from crates, chests, purchased from NPCs, acquired from activities, or dropped by enemies. See below on where is the Liver Box Utility item location.

Liver Box Utility Item Location In Wasteland 3

It says it in the name. This item is a liver. According to its description, it is an artificial organ with advanced blood filtration and coagulant delivery. It also states that the filter cartridge needs to be changed every ten years.

The selling price for this item is $400, which means that it is moderately unique, and it cannot be purchased from merchants. It has a buff of Healing Bonus for +35.5%.

You can get it by interacting with Gwynplaine in Warrens. But what do you need to do to get it?

  1. Travel to Warrens.
  2. Go to the south of the map and find the Perfume in one of the locked safes. (Lockpicking Level 7 Required).
  3. Next, go back to Bizarre Interior, and fast travel back to Warrens.
  4. At spawn, you will see Gwynplain. Interact with her.
  5. Give her the Perfume.
  6. After doing this, Gwynplain will give you the Liver Box Utility item as a token of her appreciation. Beware that to equip it, you need to have Cyborg Tech. Otherwise, you can’t. Good luck, Ranger!

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