Wasteland 3 : Recruit Quarex to HQ & Tactical Goggles Unique Utility



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Like we know, there are many exciting side activities in Wasteland 3. They are mainly more fun to do from the traditional general quests, but they can also be rewarding. Usual rewards include possibilities for recruitment, exciting in-game items, junk, and collectibles.

Wasteland 3 : Recruit Quarex to HQ & Tactical Goggles Unique Utility

There is an exciting side activity in Cabinet of Curiosities in Bizarre Interior. You get to meet Quarex, which also has appeared occasionally in Wasteland 2. You can start this activity once you have progressed a bit in the game, usually somewhere around mid-game.

Upon finishing this activity, you can recruit Quarex to HQ and get the Tactical Goggles Unique Utility item. Read below on how to Recruit Quarex to HQ & Tactical Goggles Unique Utility

How To Recruit Quarex & Get Tactical Goggles Unique Utility Item

Quarex is an interesting character. He is a very bright young man with shaggy blonde hair. He has game cartridges and controllers around his neck as necklaces and totems of achievement. Furthermore, he has a tattoo on his forehead of Pac-Man. He also has a perfect goatee without a mustache.

He loves to collect old dusty game and entertainment systems and give them out to visitors for the satisfaction of their enjoyment. If you have seen his thick glasses, those are the Tactical Goggles.

How to pass Quarex Hellacious Journey?

  1. Go to the Cabinet of Curiosities in Bizarre Interior.
  2. Interact with Quarex.
  3. Find a container there that contains the Storage Unit 105 Key.
  4. Go to north-east Warrens, open the storage unit, and interact with Quarex again. He will ask you to loot some stuff for him.
  5. Next, proceed to the Parking Lot in Warrens and kill all the animals.
  6. Loot a pile called the Quarex Collection and get back to Quarex.
  7. After successfully doing this, you can recruit Quarex in the Ranger HQ, and you will receive the Tactical Goggles. The Tactical Goggles is a trinket in Wasteland 3 and offers targeting features, with a bonus of feeling like a badass commando. Good luck, Ranger!

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