Watch: Gameplay Mechanics Explained for Street Fighter 6



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Capcom is gearing up for the next mainline entry in the Street Fighter franchise with SF 6, andthanks to gamescom 2022, we have a new look at gameplay mechanics thanks to Ezra Krabbe and Matt Edwards.

Watch: Gameplay Mechanics Explained for Street Fighter 6

Thanks to IGN, we get to watch this breakdown of the new mechanics for Street Fighter 6, and we have a showcase for classic character Ryu as well as incoming character Jamie:

IGN’s resident Street Fighter 6 expert, Mitchell Saltzman, is joined by IGN Japan’s Ezra Krabbe and Matt Edwards, Brand Manager at Capcom, to play a few rounds of the upcoming entry in the legendary fighting game franchise. They go over some of the new gameplay mechanics introduced in Street Fighter 6 as well as some new details on the newly announced characters: Juri and Kimberly.

As explained in the video, there’s a new drive system that will be available in the game, and it will allow players to perform certain attacks for a limited time. The system also allows different kinds of armor for characters, and different power ups when you parry attacks.

While Ryu has been a Street Fighter staple for a while, new character Jamie has a very unique skillset. We know that Drunken Boxing is a fighting game favorite style, but you can see that Jamie earns a different set of skills every time he takes a swig, and he completely lets his hair down when he achieves the top level of drunkenness.

Too bad we didn’t get a look at the different characters, but maybe we can expect some more footage before the year ends.

No specific release date has been announced for Street Fighter 6, but Capcom is expecting to launch the game sometime in 2023.

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