Street Fighter 6 Gives Look at Juri and New Character Kimberly


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While we expect every iteration of Street Fighter to bring back the same characters, we also get some new fighters joining the fray. A new video from SF6 gives us a look at returning character Juri and a new fighter named Kimberly.

Street Fighter 6 Gives Look at Juri and New Character Kimberly

Check them out:

Kimberly, the spunky new ninja, and Juri, the sadistic thrill-seeker, join the Street Fighter 6 roster! Kimberly utilizes traditional ninja techniques with an urban twist, spray cans, and her trusty portable cassette player. Juri returns as wicked as ever, riding in with a familiar yet altered moveset for fans and newcomers alike.

With the new urban aesthetic that Street Fighter 6 is going for, it seems like Kimberly would be a natural addition to the roster, embracing hip-hop and street art culture. She also has a set of exciting moves, and while she can not do fireballs, her spray cans seem to be some source of her special ability.

As for Juri, they have decided to give her some e-girl updates, with her and her kitty-cat helmet and fiddling on her phone. Many of her character’s main design elements are kept in place, and she’s still unmistakably Juri.

The roster continues to expand for Street Fighter 6, and we should get a reveal of the full character list by the end of the year. Let’s hope we also get a good look at the added gameplay mechanics.

No specific release date has been announced for Street Fighter 6, but we should expect the game to release sometime in 2023.

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