Watch the Launch Trailer for Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection for the PS5


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Just before Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake is set to hit the big screen, PlayStation’s OG Nathan Drake is making a jum to the PS5 with the remastered version of Thief’s End, what’s more, it’s coming in a package with the spinoff Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

Watch the Launch Trailer for Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection for the PS5

Watch the launch trailer here:

Play as Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer in their own standalone adventures as they are forced to confront their pasts and forge their own legacies. The UNCHARTED™: Legacy of Thieves Collection includes the critically acclaimed single-player stories from both UNCHARTED™ 4: A Thief’s End and UNCHARTED™: The Lost Legacy, remastered for the PS5™ console.

As for the extra PS5 features, the collection comes with upgrades related to the DualSense wireless controller; that, plus you get all the usual upgrades like fast loading, 3D audio, fidelity mode, and performance mode.

You’d think that they would come out with a  Tom Holland skin to try and time it with the release for the film, but I can expect that some independent modders will do just that when Uncharted hits PC later in the year.

Naughty Dog is a studio which fans expect to exceed expectations with the new-gen, but for now, I guess some remastered releases for highly regarded games are going to keep gamers satisfied until we get the next big title from the studio.

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will be available on PS5 on Jan. 28. PlayStation also promises the collection will come to PC sometime this year.

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