What Is A Fail Trade In Adopt Me?



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As in real life, Adopt Me also has many scammers. The purpose of these scammers is to get your belongings and pets by defrauding you. The pets you have can pass to someone else at once, and there is no return. These scammers are the nightmare of many players in the game.

What Is A Fail Trade In Adopt Me?

Scammers have developed many ways to scam players in the game. The most important of these is defrauding with trade. Many players have been cheated in the game in this way so far. The most dangerous of the scam methods used in the trade is the method of fail trade.

Now let’s see what is fail trade.

What Is A Fail Trade?

When a player puts another item, such as food, with a pet in the trade menu, and the other item is uploaded separately, ‘the trade unexpectedly failed’ appears on the screen. This short brief will appear even though both sides agree to trade. So your trade has failed. In other words, fail trade means that the trade is canceled due to the failure of the trade to take place as determined.

On the other hand, fail trade is a method used by many scammers. For example, the person you are trading with asks you to put a lollipop and a good pet on the trade menu. If the other person agrees to return the sandwich, the victim’s good pet is passed on to the scammer. In this way, the victim will lose one of his favorite pets to the scammers.

The best way to get rid of the scammers who use the fail trading way is to not trade with anyone, and you don’t trust everyone.

In addition, not trading with people who come with irrational offers, such as giving you a common pet in exchange for a valuable pet, will keep you away from these scammers.

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