What Was The First Egg In Adopt Me?



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Eggs are one of the essential items in Adopt Me. Thanks to the eggs, players get pets. There are many different types of eggs in the game. The classes of eggs are also divided according to their rarity, like pets. Also, eggs have been added to the game with pets. The update is the June 2019 (Summary Update) update, brings these new features to the game.

What Was The First Egg In Adopt Me?

With the June 2019 update, pets and eggs with pets were included in the game. Since then, eggs and pets have been the core of the game. Which of the eggs was first added to the game is an inquisitive question by Adopt Me players.

Let’s see what was the first egg in adopt me…

What was the very first egg in Adopt Me?

The first egg of the game is the Blue Egg, and it was introduced to the game last summer. Although it is the first egg of the game, it can only be obtained through trading.

During its time in the game, it was sold to 100 Bucks and included the uncommon class Blue Dog. This egg, which is very remarkable in that it contains only one pet, has the appearance of a simple egg. Its only distinctive feature is that it has a blue color.

In addition, Pink Egg has been added to the game along with the Blue Egg. The only difference in their appearance is their color, and the Pink Egg has a pink tint. It contains only the Pink Cat in the Pink Egg. Likewise, Pink Eggs are currently only getting through trade.

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