When Is The Dino Egg Coming In Adopt Me



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Adopt me, the number 1 world ranked Roblox game will have Dinosaurs in the future. This was made official with a tweet on June 19th, 2020. On a tweet we can see a dinosaur and an egg emoji together. Showing us that they will be coming in the game in the future. 

When Is The Dino Egg Coming In Adopt Me

When Will Dino Eggs Be Released?

On a video announcing the Staycation Summer Sale, they also said that the name of the new dino eggs will be Fossil Eggs.

They also confirmed this with a tweet:

The Fossil Egg will probably be a legendary item, this is based on the rarity of how other Gumball Machine eggs have been. This egg will be the fifth one that you can find on the Nursery’s Gumball Machine.

How much will Dino eggs cost in adopt me

Fossil or Dinno Eggs are expected to cost around 750Bucks.  

Release date of Dino Egg

At the moment there is no news about the release date, at the promo video about the Staycation Summer Sale we heard what they will be called but we still didn’t get a date. One of the last updates was back in June, but that probably was at the beginning of this project so it might take some time for it to come on the game.


So we know that dinosaurs are coming to the game, but which one of them are, we don’t know yet. For the confirmed dinosaurs that are coming, we have to check the trusty old twitter for that where we can see that they have “announced” the coming of Tyrannosaurs Rex with a photo of some cute “smol arms”

On another tweet, they made it harder for people to guess the name of the dinosaur. They just showed the animation skeleton. And from it, we can see that it is a flying dino, which leads us to believe that it will be a Pterodactyl.

These might be the only confirmed dinosaurs at the moment, but we expect them to release a lot more, probably some of the most famous dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and many more.

So far we have had Safari Eggs, Jungle Eggs, Farm Eggs, Aussie Eggs, and the upcoming Fossil Eggs. We just have to wait and see what they have in store for next. Who knows what the next Eggs will be, maybe they go for some kind of Water Eggs. Or will they stick to land animals still? There are so many opportunities for the future and we can’t wait to see what will happen, and how things will turn out.

We are hoping we get new information in the near future, and don’t worry, we will report is as soon as possible so stay tuned. 

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