Where To Find All Duel 5 Characters Locations in Fortnite



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There have been a lot of new and interesting challenges that were implemented in Fortnite, that many players are completing as fast as possible. There is a good reason that the majority want to get these quests completed fast. That is because most of these challenges will give you a lot of interesting rewards, and a lot of XP! A particular example is the duel challenge.

Where To Find All Duel 5 Characters Locations in Fortnite

For those that don’t know, there are NPCs around in the map in Fortnite, and you can challenge some of them to a good old duel!

Where Are The Duel Characters – Fortnite

Unfortunately, not all of the gods/characters on the map can be challenged to a duel. There are only a handful of them, but since this quest is stackable, you can re-duel most of them to get even more rewards.

If you want to battle it out with these unbelievably strong enemies, then you must be ready for the challenge. If you want to find the 5 duel characters locations in Fortnite, here are their locations:

Now, it’s important to note that this is a legendary challenge in Fortnite, which means that, in any match, chances are that many other players will be trying to complete this challenge as well.

In order to avoid crowding at some NPC locations, we suggest that you drop in locations which are far away from the center of the map. An example is Dirty Docks.

If you are grinding for XP, then you should consider completing this quest a couple of times. The main reason for this is because of the high XP rewards:

  • 5 Characters Dueled – 55.000 experience
  • 10 Characters Dueled – 22.000 experience
  • 15 Characters Dueled – 22.000 experience
  • 20 Characters Dueled – 22.000 experience
  • 25 Characters Dueled – 22.000 experience

Granted, even though close to 150 thousand XP does sound great, other quests are worth forty thousand XP in some cases. In any case, it is always great to have the extra experience, particularly when it is an easy quest.

Each of the characters has a unique playstyle and offers different rewards. Battle each one in order to have some fun while completing the challenge.

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