Where to Find the Umbral Tome in Lords of the Fallen



Find out where to get the Umbral Tome to complete Dunmire’s quest in Lords of the Fallen!

Where to Find the Umbral Tome in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen, like most RPG games, has all sorts of side quests aside from the main campaign. Exacter Dunmire, a merchant NPC in Lords of the Fallen, has one of those side quests that—when completed—will allow you to gain a significant advantage. However, to complete his quest, you must get the Umbral Tome.

Exacter Dunmire’s side quest is fairly easy to activate, but the challenge comes from clearing the entire quest. But once you complete his side quest, you’ll unlock the Dark Crusader class, which is undoubtedly considered one of the best playable classes in Lords of the Fallen, and a couple of rare goods in his shop.

His quest will automatically activate when you first speak to Dunmire downstairs in Skyrest. However, since the side quest is vague, many players simply ignore his request and move on. If you’re in for the challenge, talk to him and exhaust his dialogue to begin the side quest.

Upon activating his quest, he will ask you to bring him some items that can “prove the wicked manipulations of the Hallowed Sentinels.” The quest itself sounds fairly easy to complete. What makes this side quest difficult is that Dunmire doesn’t even tell you what items you need to be looking for.

To complete the quest, you must give him eight items. This includes the quest item, Umbral Tome. Read on to learn how to get the Umbral Tome in Lords of the Fallen.

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Where to Find the Umbral Tome in Lords of the Fallen

The Umbral Tome is a quest item to return to the merchant NPC, Exacter Dunmire, back in Skyrest to unlock the Dark Crusader class. However, this quest item isn’t obtainable merely by chance. You need to locate the secret room where this item is hidden.

Do note that although you can pick up the item regardless of whether the quest is active, you must progress Exacter Dunmire’s side quest until his next request is for the Umbral Tome to give him the quest item.

Out of the eight items in his quest, the Umbral Tome is among the easiest to obtain as it doesn’t require much effort other than to be more keen in searching. Here’s how to obtain the Umbral Tome in Lords of the Fallen.

Obtaining the Umbral Tome

After activating Dunmire’s quest, he will ask you to find a bunch of items for him, including the Umbral Tome. He will eventually request the tome once you’ve progressed his quest far enough.

When he asks you for the item, teleport to the Vestige of Hooded Antuli in the Sunless Skeins. Once you get there, face backward and head toward the path on the left. Follow the path until you reach the end, an open room.

A screenshot of the left path from the Vestige of Hooded Antuli in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: Gamer Guru / Youtube

In the room, two enemies are hidden behind a few obstacles and a staircase leading towards the top. Take them out and go up the stairs until you reach the top. You will find a wooden pulley-like structure with many crates beneath when you reach the top area. Break the crates and proceed to the platform.

A dead body will be lying at the end of the wooden platform. Look below the platform, and you will see a narrow wooden beam. An enemy mage will also be waiting on the wooden beam once you drop down. Take it out and head straight to the end of the beam toward the next platform.

A screenshot of the dead body at the end of the wooden platform in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: Gamer Guru / Youtube

When you reach the end of the platform, it will initially look like a dead end. Switch to the Umbral Realm, and you will find a stone platform leading toward the small hole in the wall. Jump to the stone platform and use Soulflay on the Umbral Belly at the end of the room to drop the Umbral Tome.

A screenshot of the player using Soulflay in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: Gamer Guru / Youtube

Now you can pick it up and return it to Exacter Dunmire in Skyrest. Give him the quest item and talk to him until you exhaust his dialogue. After resting at the Vestige, Exacter Dunmire will move to the same room where Molhu is. When you speak with him again, he will have a couple of new wares for sale.

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