5 Best Mining Tips in Minecraft 1.19


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Minecraft’s latest update, 1.19, the Wild Update, is the five best mining tips for all players.

5 Best Mining Tips in Minecraft 1.19

Coming from the game title itself, it is no surprise that one of Minecraft’s core mechanics is mining. But what makes mining important in the game is that it is one of the few activities in Minecraft that is vital to a player’s in-game progression. Mining in Minecraft always requires players to delve into the game’s colossal cave systems as deeper levels of the underground contain more critical resources for crafting.

The caves and caverns in the game contain valuable resources, minerals, and ores such as diamonds, emeralds, Redstone dust, iron, gold, and more. These resources will often be used to craft weapons, tools, armor, and other important items required for a player’s quest and character progression. This Minecraft guide aims to aid players in achieving more from their mining expeditions by providing the five best mining tips they can use in the game.

5 Top Tips For Mining in Minecraft 1.19 Update

1. Avoid the Deep Dark Biome

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With the recent Minecraft 1.19 update, the deep dark biome is one of the newest biomes to be added to the game. But what connects this new biome with the mining mechanic is that the deep dark biome is often located in some of the deeper sections of the Overworld’s cave systems, sometimes even connected with the new structure that they added to the game called the ancient city. But the biome is not what makes this area terrifying but rather its inhabitants.


Because of the dangers that this biome holds, such as the warden, sculk shriekers, and sculk sensors, players must always be cautious and avoid this place as much as possible since it is highly likely that, when mining, players may tend to stumble into this biome by accident. After all, nobody wants to get killed by the warden and drop all the resources they have acquired in mining inside their inventory. So instead of digging into the deep dark biome, try digging around it or relocating to a new mining area whenever you are anywhere near the deep dark biome.

2. Bring a Lot of Torches

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Torches are the best and cheapest light source that the game can provide for players. It is always a must to bring with you stacks of torches whenever you are going on a long journey or mining. As the player goes deeper into the cave systems of the Overworld, the sunlight that can enter the cave will slowly start to decrease until such time that the possibility of the cave being plunged into complete darkness is achieved.


And since torches are easy to make—requiring only one coal and one stick—players can mass-produce torches to help keep everything well lit and prevent hostile mobs from respawning in the dark. When you are exploring a cave, torches should be placed near the block in which the light of the previous torch is almost out of reach to utilize the number of torches and cover more ground efficiently.

Additionally, hostile mobs tend to spawn only in areas with a light level of less than one, which means that as long as you keep the cave system perfectly lit, you do not have to fear or risk being attacked by hostile mobs while mining.

3. Know About the Ore Mining Levels

Extracted Ores
Image Source: Minecraft Wiki

Every mineral or ore in the game can be found in specific layers or levels of the Overworld. If you plan on going mining for resources, it is important to know where the ore is located and what layer you can massively farm them, as this method can make your mining process faster and more efficient in the long run.


For example, diamond ores that drop diamonds when broken by an iron pickaxe can usually be found in the Y-axis between layers 16 and -64. However, the most common layer of diamond ores can generate on layer -58, so you must dig down until you reach this layer if you plan on mining for diamond ores. Knowing the exact location where you need to mine each resource is explicitly essential as you will save many more pickaxes with this method and time.

4. Do the Strip Mining Method

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Most veteran players already know that one of the best and easiest ways to mine resources and minerals is to use the strip mining method. The strip mining method requires players to start by mining a straight tunnel from now on, preferably on the layer where the ore or mineral is commonly generated.

Then once the main tunnel is long enough, the player will need to dig on both the left and right sides of the tunnel and alternate between each block. The length of each “strip” of the tunnel depends solely on the player. This allows maximum mining efficiency and area coverage while conserving your pickaxe’s durability since chunks of ore can easily be seen and mined using this method.

5. Use the Right Mining Equipment

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Many players, especially new ones, can often get confused about what kind of gear and items they would need to bring with them whenever they go mining. The most essential tool for mining is a pickaxe,, as this is the only tool you can use to break rock-based blocks, ores, and more and should be carried with you at all times, even when you are not planning on mining.

It is also highly advisable to carry more than one pickaxe when you are mining for resources, as the durability of your pickaxe will easily deteriorate without you noticing. Take note that each pickaxe tier has its durability value, with the wooden pickaxe having the lowest and the netherite pickaxe having the highest durability. Another aspect to remember when mining is to use the correct pickaxe for each specific ore or mineral.

This is because higher-level resources such as diamonds may be broken with any pickaxe, but using a pickaxe with a lower tier than iron will break the block and drop nothing, making you unable to farm for diamonds should you use pickaxe tiers such as wood and stone. Aside from your pickaxe, having a shovel, an ax, a sword, and decent armor should suffice when mining in the lower levels of the Overworld.

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