5 Quickest Ways To Travel in Minecraft 1.19


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With the brand new Minecraft 1.19 update, the Wild Update comes with various new and unique blocks, mobs, and more. In Minecraft, players can roam all three dimensions to find new things, new biomes to explore, and new mobs to encounter. Being a sandbox game, Minecraft’s map of the world is almost endless—stretching by a million chunks and going as far as your feet will take you in the Overworld, the Nether, and the End.

5 Quickest Ways To Travel in Minecraft 1.19

To progress in the game and complete the storyline, players must travel far and wide to discover some of the rarest structures and obtain some of the most precious loot. Hence, this is where your mode of transport will come in handy. Walking or sprinting is the most basic way to go about the world. However, other ways are more convenient for the players, especially when traveling through a thousand miles of blocks at a time. As running is not the most efficient and fastest travel, we have compiled a list that will break down the top 5 quickest ways you can travel in Minecraft 1.19.

5 Quickest Ways To Travel in Minecraft 1.19

5. Powered rail minecarts

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One of the oldest and basic ways to fast travel, especially long distances, in the game is to build an extensive railway system using Redstone and powered rails with minecarts as your mode of transportation. In Minecraft, there are several kinds of rails (Redstone powered and non-powered rails) that you can place on top of blocks in any direction you choose, and you can connect these rails to create a railway for your minecart, similar to how rails work with trains in real life.

Once you have everything set up and ready to go, you can create multiple stations where you will stop and start the minecarts. The same minecart can be pushed ahead at regular intervals even without the players doing anything to move it using the help of powered rails. This minecart method is one of the most tried and tested methods to fast travel in the game, and although it is not as fast as the other methods, it is still better than simply walking anywhere. The good news is that you can use this minecart method in all three dimensions of Minecraft.

4. Nether portals

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It has always been quite tricky to travel far across the Overworld through the Nether portal and into the Nether. To those who might not know, whenever a player walks about one block in the Nether, they walk about eight blocks in the Overworld in the same direction. So to travel further in the Overworld quickly, instead of navigating your way across the world in the Overworld, you can easily build multiple nether portals in all directions of the Nether to fast travel from one location to the other in the Overworld.

However, there is a downside to this nether portal method: you have to build the portal as far away from each other in the Nether as possible. This is because if you are close enough to your original nether portal and create another one in your current location, you will be transported back into the same nether portal from when you came in.

3. Soul sand with soul speed enchantment

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The soul speed enchantment is a special enchantment that can only be applied on a player’s boots and can only be obtained by looting treasure chests inside a bastion remnant or as a random drop from bartering with piglins in the Nether. The soul speed enchantment can help players walk and run faster on top of soul sand or soul soil blocks. Walking on soul sand or soul soil blocks greatly reduces a player’s movement speed.

This method is another way the player can travel faster in the game, whether they use it in the Nether or transport some soul soil blocks in the Overworld and create pathways from there. Hence, this specific enchantment is extremely useful. The only downside to this method is that to make this work, you will need to obtain the soul speed enchantment first, which is quite hard to obtain on its own, and then equip it on the boots you are wearing.

2. Ice bridge boat

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In Minecraft, whenever players walk on top of ice blocks, they will immediately notice that it is quite slippery and thus can run faster on it while sliding around when they stop running. So if you collect ice blocks using a pickaxe with the sill touch enchantment and place the down ice blocks down on the ground in an alternative manner, then rowing your boat on them will be much quicker than rowing your boat on the water. And over the years, many players have used this in-game mechanic to devise a method wherein they use boats instead to slide around at crazy speeds and travel a thousand blocks at a time.

1. Rocket-powered elytra

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By now, almost all players know that the elytra are probably one of the most overpowered equipment players can get their hands on during their gameplay. The elytra is a super rare item that can only be obtained hanging from a picture frame inside an end ship that floats next to an end city in the outer islands of the End.

Over the years, players have gradually discovered that using firework rockets along with the elytra will boost themselves up from the ground and allow them to fly at high speeds. The player can then wear the elytra if they replace their chest plate armor with it, allowing them to glide down from any high altitude. However, there is another way to make better use of the elytra than simply gliding.

So with the combination of the elytra and the firework rockets, players can fly anywhere they want and travel long distances in the blink of an eye. Hence this is why it is still considered to be the fastest and best mode of transportation in Minecraft 1.19. The only downside to this method is that players will most likely need a decent supply of firework rockets to keep flying with the elytra, so creating a creeper farm of your own should be the next best choice if you want to harvest lots of gunpowder.

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