5 Things You Should Know About The End City in Minecraft 1.19


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5 Things that you should know about the large structures, in the End, called the end cities in Minecraft 1.19.

5 Things You Should Know About The End City in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft’s End cities are some of the most impressive locations in the game. This is mainly because chance to obtain the elytra, which is one if not the best, item in Minecraft. While an end city is a bountiful place and it definitely has dangers waiting. Minecraft’s end cities are large buildings that only appear in the end, more specifically in the outer islands, which are accessible via the end gateway portal that generates after killing the ender dragon. They are extremely rare, and one can even travel for thousands of miles without encountering a city.

1. Overall Structure


End cities have many tall towers built on small base-like structures. The bigger the Minecraft end city is, the more interconnected towers they will spawn. There are two towers in the end city; the first is a small tower. It consists of a singular pupur slab spiral staircase and doesn’t have to contain mobs, while the second one is Skyscrapers, which are tall towers with a double spiral purpur slab staircase. These are the towers reaching commonly high up into the sky, from a one tower to many towers branched like a tree with many more connected passageways. These towers are built in end stone and purpur blocks. End cities have several different rooms and floors. And some of the rooms are commonly empty, with the occasional shulker or banner decoration, players can always find the spiral staircase that leads up to a loot room.

2. Accessing the Cities

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End cities are commonly generated structures seen in the outer islands of the end. Players can access this place of the end after they defeat the Ender dragon by finding the floating portal that usually appears in some places around the main end map’s edge.

These cities are structures primarily generated on the bigger islands with so much surface area available. Some players who cross and see the chorus of plants and fruit usually head toward the right pathway.

These structures test the player’s patience as they can spawn miles and miles of blocks apart, making it easy for players to miss or not come across one at all, even after hours of exploring to find the end cities.

End cities form in the end midland biomes or end bigger highland biomes, flat expands found in the End’s biggest island. If the players spawn on a smaller island when they enter the portal, they must build between islands using ender pearls or fly with elytra.

3. Beware the Shulkers

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Some players might think the end city is peaceful and relatively defenseless, so players will try to watch and explore the end city and search for the rooms, but the end city is home to mobs, and it is called shulkers. They are only seen within the city or in the end ship.

Shulkers disguise themselves as purpur blocks and blend in quite well on the surrounding environments, but if the players get near, their shells will lift off, and they will shoot. Shulkers can be quickly dispatched if the players are aware and careful about their positioning.

Even better, these box-shaped creatures drop shells that can be used to craft greater useful shulker mobs. Shulkers shoot bullets that will track the players as they move. These bullets will damage and inflict the players with the levitation status effect.

Levitation causes the players to continuously float upward for ten seconds. Players must need to bring water buckets or wear feather-falling boots to mitigate the fall damage.

4. End Ships

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The players can make their way through end city tower structures in Minecraft, and it’s common to see the horizon stairs. Players will find the end ship, and your adventure will be fun and worthwhile. End ships are usually generating structures that will occur in End cities.

They are commonly seen higher up in the sky and contain some of the best loot in the game. They are made entirely of purpur blocks and end stone bricks, which is the same as end cities.

These structures are impressive and detailed, and there are a few little areas for players to explore, even if it is a small place.

There is a lower section where the players can obtain awesome treasures, but you must be careful because it’s guarded by a shulker, a lower and upper part of the deck, and even a crow’s nest for players to use and look out over barren end terrain.

End ships are the only way for players to access and obtain the Dragon Head in Minecraft survival mode, as a head spawns at the bow of every ship’s emblem.

And each end ship has three or more shulkers on board to guard the loot you will find in the ship’s under-section place.

It’s estimated that end ships are found in around 56% of end cities, so players who find them in their first city are definitely lucky in the game.

5. The Loot

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When it comes to loots that you can get in the end city and ship in Minecraft, these loots are some of the best rare items that are hard to obtain in the game.

Ships are commonly smaller than the end cities both of them spawn beside. These ships have two chests, and located between them is the most overpowered item, the elytra, for the players to possess. End ships have the dragon heads to collect at the front ship, and it is visible to see by the player when you approach the End ship. This is the only way to collect and obtain the Ender dragon head in Minecraft survival game mode.

The importance of the elytra is allowing the players to glide and fly in the sky as long as they’re well prepared and well equipped, making them one of the most helpful and useful pieces of equipment in Minecraft survival mode.

End cities also have enchanted tools, weapons, raw materials, armor, and many more valuable items that you can find within the loot chests.

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