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Last year, there was a huge update in Adopt Me. The developers implemented a new mechanic, where players could dress their pets. Some pets which were themed, like the Dalmatian, formerly known as the Santa Dog, was split into two items. The pet, and the item of clothing. The same happened to many other pets that were available, but players are asking themselves: how much are these worth now? Today, we will focus on the Dalmatian.

Adopt Me: What Is a Dalmatian Worth

What Is a Dalmatian Worth – Adopt Me

Today, the Dalmatian is only available through trading with other players. Previously, players could get the Santa Dog for 250 Robux, and it was only available for a few days, before going ‘out of stock’. These days, only a handful of people have the Dalmatian.

The pet was split into two parts in April of 2020, close to one year ago. The Santa hat became an ultra-rare hat, and the dog was named Dalmatian, and it is also ultra-rare. But nowadays, how much can you expect to get for this dog?

Well, its value has grown over the last few months. Today, the Dalmatian is worth a legendary Turtle. Other pets which you can get for it include:

  • Kangaroo
  • Skele-Rex
  • Golden Dragon
  • Frost Owl

NOTE: You can only get one of these pets for a Dalmatian, and not all as a package.

The main reason as to why the Dalmatian’s value grew so much is because of how rare it is. Not the in-game clarification for rarity, but how little players have it. As we mentioned before, it was only available for a few days, before it was taken out of the game.

So, it is safe to say that not many have had the opportunity to buy it.

On top of that, this pet is desirable. It has an interesting esthetic, hence why there is such a high demand for it.

For now, we speculate that the value for the Dalmatian will only grow in the future, considering all the variables. Still, this is purely speculation.

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