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Island residents are a huge part of giving life to an island in Animal Crossing, and in New Horizons, you can invite up to 10 animals to live as residents on your island. On top of the maximum invited residents living on your island, you can add more players or human residents.

How to Add Another Player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

This can be done by first creating another user or player account on your Nintendo Switch.

To do this, go to Settings > Users > Add User.

After the creation of the 2nd user, open the game and select the new user.

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You will be taken to the beginning of the game because you are using the 2nd account as a player.

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You will need to register a new passport for the new user or player.

Unlike your primary account, the new one will no longer be asked to select an island but will be sent to the same island you created with your first user account.

But this new character or player resident will have to start by first living in a tent. This character will have to play through building a life on the existing island and upgrade their house and slowly unlock island modification features.

Also, remember redeeming Nook Miles to obtain items via the Nook Stop terminal will only be available once the player has collected the first 5,000 Nook Miles to pay up the itemized bill Tom Nook gave upon arrival to the island.

A maximum of 8 players can live on the island. That gives you a total of 18 residents, including the first or main player account.

Another thing you will notice once you have more than one user or player on your island is a new app on your NookPhone named “Call Resident.” This allows you to do Party Play or play co-op with other player residents on your island. You can call up to four residents to play with you.

Perks of Having More Residents

More Houses to Decorate

Having more player residents on your island means more houses, and these houses, unlike animal resident houses, can be customized however you want them. This allows a lot of room for creativity. Also, you will have more rooms to design.

You can design one house to be something specific like the island’s hotel, a school, or even a hospital, complete with different facilities and departments. Of course, you can create these outside, but sometimes it is better to create something indoors and utilize floors, rugs, wallpapers, and all items that cannot be placed outdoors.


Another benefit of having more player resident houses is storage. These houses have their own storage, and although they are not shared with others, you can store items in other houses if the storage for another house is already full.

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