Adopt Me: How Much Is A Ride Turtle Worth


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With all these new pets and toys being added to Adopt Me weekly, it can get hard to keep up with the values and prices with all of them. Just as an example, it is pretty hard to find the value of a ride turtle. Often times, those who have it or want to get it ask themselves: How much is a ride turtle worth? Well, today, we will look at some trades and see the true value of the ride turtle.

Adopt Me: How Much Is A Ride Turtle Worth

How Much Is A Ride Turtle Worth – Adopt Me

Unfortunately, there is no other way of getting the turtle nowadays, without trading with other players. Previously, it was part of the Aussie egg roster, and players had only a 1.5% chance of hatching it.

The same goes for the kangaroo which was the other legendary pet part of the Aussie update. Has its value grown over the years or has it remained the same or went down?

Well, a ride turtle nowadays, is worth somewhere around a ride Skele-Rex or a ride Kangaroo. Other honorable mentions would be the Queen Bee, the Guardian Lion, or the Golden Unicorn. Also, those all have to be ride pets as well.

Players can also get an Albino Monkey, an Owl, or a Parrot for a ride turtle, and they can be not ‘ride’ pets as well.

So, while the value of the ride turtle has grown quite a bit over the years, it hasn’t grown drastically to the point of being unattainable. In fact, this legendary pet sits in the middle class of value of all legendary pets.

In the future we might see some change or fluctuation in its value, but at the moment, that does seem unlikely. Whatever the case may be, the turtle is quite a rare pet, with a high demand.

If you’re thinking of getting one for yourself, that might be a good idea, but if you’re thinking of trading yours, then I recommend not doing so, as it has a slight chance of getting more valuable as time goes on.

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