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On top of hundreds of pets that are now a part of Adopt Me, there are toys, clothing, vehicles and more. Adopt Me has truly evolved to a vast game, with thousands of possibilities and items. So, it is not surprising when players are wondering how much is an elf hat worth. There is really not much to go on. But today, we will answer just that. In other words, we will show you the exact value of an elf hat.

Adopt Me: How Much Is An Elf Hat Worth

How Much Is An Elf Hat Worth – Adopt Me

The elf hat was a part of the Christmas update back in the day. It wasn’t obtainable ever, but players that got the Elf Shrew or the Elf Hedgehog, got the elf hat for free.

This was due to an update shortly after the Christmas update, where clothing was added to the game, and all pets that were themed previously, became normal animals, and the clothing accessories were split up from the pet, and ended up in players’ inventories.

But today, how much is an elf hat? Well, to no surprise, the elf hat isn’t worth that much. At most, players get a low-tier legendary for it, from the likes of a Griffin, a Robo Dog, Golden Rat, or a Kitsune.

Granted, those are still legendaries, but they do sit quite low in terms of value in the legendary pets’ roster.

This is not to say that players haven’t gotten more valuable pets or other items for the elf hat though. Some tend to over-estimate the true value of the elf hat.

In some cases, players have reported trades for a giraffe or a bat dragon, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Considering the fact that the elf hat is available for only a short amount of time now, it suggests that its value couldn’t have grown to that extent.

Like I said, at most, people tend to get a Griffin, Robo Dog, or other types of low-tier legendary pets.

Additionally, the chances of its value growing in the future are slim to non-existent.

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