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Unfortunately, there is no clear price list or worth scale for Adopt Me pets. However, there are things you can do to determine the worth of a pet.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Shrew Worth

Like this, there is not much to go on with how much a Shrew would be worth. The underlying truth is that it depends. It depends on how many players would like this pet, and how scarce it is to find.

The Shrew was available for the Christmas Event back in 2019, at the time, it was about 23 thousand gingerbread. Since then, the Shrew, along with the other available Christmas event pets, became unobtainable through the shops, only through trading.

How Much is a Shrew Worth – Adopt Me

Not that long ago, this pet was available with an elf hat, hence why it was formerly known as the Elf Shrew. Nonetheless, in an update, the developers removed its hat, and transferred it to players’ inventories.

This allowed players to trade the Shrew and the elf hat separately. Those who had a Neon Elf Shrew, received four elf hats instead of one!

Looking at recent community trades, we can see that the Shrew is worth, on average, a Neon Robin and a Fly Penguin. Nevertheless, seeing just how low the need for the Shrew is, I would say that even that is overkill.

There are a lot of decent trades you can find out there, that won’t make a dent in your Adopt Me roster, so if you’re in the market for one, make sure to look for players who want to trade their Shrew for a relatively low cost.

In addition, there was another case, which a player offered a ride potion and two Albino Bats for an Elf Shrew. That should give enough of an idea about how much is the Shrew worth it.

Its Neon version does have a unique appearance which might elevate the Shrew’s price a bit. But all in all, most players are looking to get rid of their own Shrew, and the market isn’t exactly in need for Shrews, so its cost remains low!

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