Adopt Me: How Much is a Black Panther Worth



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Since recent Adopt Me updates and events, some pets are becoming more available and less worth on the market. But where does the Black Panther fall in that category?

Adopt Me: How Much is a Black Panther Worth

The main reasons for fluctuations and inflations in value in Adopt Me is new pets being added into the game, and many becoming unavailable. We witnessed quite a few pets being added in the last couple of months, so there are many who would like to know how the Black Panther has fared. We looked at many trades, and how much demand there is for a Black Panther to determine its value.

How Much is a Black Panther Worth – Adopt Me

A good question to start with might be when was the Black Panther available? Well, it was available next to seven other pets during the Jungle update.

You could get it from a Jungle Egg, and relatively easily. I say easily, since there was a 22.5% chance that you will hatch this pet from that egg. It was available for quite a few months, and it is classified as an uncommon pet. But since then, it has grown in value, but not as much as many players expected.

If you want to get yourself a Black Panther these days, you can get one for 2-3 ultra-rare pets. So, the Black Panther is worth either two or three ultra-rares, based on how valuable they are.

Many Adopt Me veterans believed that this pet’s value will compound and grow very fast. However, there might have been a few things that limited its demand and ultimately its value.

One of them might be the fact that this pet was really easy to be obtained in 2019. After all, it is still an uncommon pet, so that is no surprise. On top of that, it is not like Adopt Me wasn’t famous in 2019 as well.

There are pets of the Black Panther’s nature that even though they were relatively easy to get, their value still grows. Still, this pet does have a stale design, but the Neon version does help a bit with that.

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