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The Emu is a pet in Adopt Me that was available during the time that the Aussie egg was around. Since then, values have changed quite a bit.

Adopt Me: How Much is the Emu Worth

It is difficult to determine a value for a pet inside Adopt Me, there are many variables that need to be taken into consideration when doing so. Thankfully, with a bit of research you can pinpoint the rough value of one pet easily.

You need to know the values for pets, because many of them are not available anymore, except from trading with other players. In the Emu case, it is the same.

How Much is the Emu Worth – Adopt Me

The Emu is a rare pet, and when hatching Aussie eggs, players had a 13.5% chance to hatch one. This is a bit lower for a rare pet, since the usual amount was 18.5% or around that number.

Does this mean that the Emu is of higher value? Well, not particularly. While it had a lower hatch-rate, it is still an Emu, an animal which not many are fond of, hence not many like to have one in their inventory.

Today, the Emu is worth at least one ultra-rare, or one low-tier legendary. When I say low-tier legendary, I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of a Dragon or a Golden Rat, or a Griffin for that matter.

However, you can expect to give a couple of rares for it if you want as well. It is worth somewhere around 2-3 rare pets.

Its appearance is not anything special, and you can say that for its neon version as well. As for the future of the Emu and its value, I got to admit that it is not looking that great.

There are some individuals that are eager to get one, usually collectors, but other than that, its demand is extremely low. If you already have an Emu, I suggest trading it since I would guess that it is at the peak of its value.

Nonetheless, you never know, especially with pets in Adopt Me. At the time of writing, this is its current value, but it is a subject of change in the future.

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