Adopt Me: How Much is the Hyena Worth


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Determining the values of pets in Adopt Me is no easy task. However, it is essential that players make good choices when it comes to trades, in order to excel at the game.

Adopt Me: How Much is the Hyena Worth

Nevertheless, Adopt Me isn’t purely a progression game, at least not intended as such. Still, it is considered better if you make good trades based on the market value of individual pets, vehicles, toys, eggs, and much more.

There are countless of pets in the game, and more are being added regularly. This makes it difficult to estimate the value of a pet, especially rare pets like the Hyena.

How Much is the Hyena Worth – Adopt Me

As we can see, there is not exactly a cheat sheet for values for pets in Adopt Me. You do have to do quite a bit of research if you want to find out how much you should pay or receive for certain pets.

adopt me how much is the hyena worth

Let’s take the Hyena as an example. This pet was released back in 2019, more specifically in July, along with seven other pets that were available from the infamous Safari egg. Players only had a 18.5% chance of hatching this pet, and consequently not many got it at the time.

As for now, players cannot obtain this pet regularly. You must trade with other players if you want the Hyena in your roster. But how much is the Hyena worth?

The Hyena is worth at most, an ultra-rare pet. There is a lot of conflicting information suggesting that it is worth a legendary or a neon legendary for that matter, but sadly this isn’t true.

The market is in a position in which the Hyena or similar high-value rares are worth around one ultra-rare pet. The Hyena sits comfortably close to the top of the value hierarchy for rare pets in Adopt Me, along with the Cow and the Elephant.

As for trading other rare pets to get it, you should expect to give out at least two other rare pets, preferably lower in the value hierarchy, but not something like those mentioned above.

For those that are not aware, at this moment, the Hyena is only obtainable through trading with other players!

Adopt Me values usually fluctuate, so take into consideration the fluctuation variable. At the time of writing, this is the worth of the rare Hyena.

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