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As a new Adopt Me update is on the horizon, there is a big increase in trades. Many players are getting ready to open new eggs play the new content, and that means acquiring a lot of capital to do so. In any case, in Adopt Me, there has always been a problem of determining values for all of the pets. It is a hit-or-miss, but it has to be done.

Adopt Me: How Much is an Albino Monkey Worth

The Albino Monkey’s worth is also pretty hard to determine. This is a legendary pet, and players didn’t have that big of a chance to get it back in the day.

Albino Monkey’s Worth – Adopt Me

This monkey was released during the Monkey Fairground event. The chances were pretty low of obtaining it. The only way to obtain it then, was to get it from a Premium Monkey Box, which had a 10% to give this pet.

Plus, those premium monkey boxes cost 195 Robux, which is quite a lot to say the least. This pet has the appearance of a regular monkey, but its fur is white.

Interestingly, it has increased in value these days. The Albino Monkey is worth either a Monkey King, a Frost Fury, or an Artic Reindeer.

While it is worth quite a lot, it doesn’t have such a high demand. So, if you’re looking to trade one, you might have some difficulties with finding potential trade offers.

Of course, since the Monkey Fairground event is long gone, this pet isn’t available anymore. The only way to get it is by trading with other players. Additionally, if you happen to have a Premium Monkey Box laying around, then there is a chance you can get it from that.

On top of all of those pets we mentioned, you can also get a low to mid-tier Neon legendary for the Albino Monkey. While it is highly unlikely, there are some which are determined enough to offer that.

At the moment, it looks like the Albino Monkey’s value will continue to increase, since it is a pretty rare pet. However, with the release of new pets and eggs, its value might decrease as well.

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