Adopt Me: How Rare is the Buffalo Pet



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Day to day many Adopt Me players struggle to estimate the value or the rarity of pets in Adopt Me. You could say that this is kind of the main selling point for this game. In other words, every trade, every purchase has a high risk to high reward ratio. It could go either way, you could either end up with a pet that isn’t valued as much, and is pretty common.

Adopt Me: How Rare is the Buffalo Pet

However, what is the case for the infamous Buffalo pet in Adopt Me? Is it a pet that gathers looks, or an ordinary pet that gets discarded quickly? We set out to answer that question!

How Rare is the Buffalo Pet – Adopt Me

We should start with a bit of context. The Buffalo was never a limited-time or an event pet. Instead, the Buffalo was released relatively short after the game did.

What does this mean? Well, not being a limited pet means that players can get it anytime they choose, and judging by how long this pet has been around, probably many people have it, or have had it.

Unlike other limited-time pets, the Buffalo can be obtained through trading, as well as a purchase. So, you can buy this pet today if you really like it, instead of trading with players.


With all that said, we arrive to the conclusion that the Buffalo in Adopt Me isn’t rare at all, in fact it is a common pet, that is and has been owned by many players.

So, should you get this pet? Well, not all of your purchases in Adopt Me should be strategic ones. If you discard its price and its tradability, and like how the Buffalo looks, especially the Neon version, then you should definitely go for it.

However, as a strategic and a long-term payment, it’s not really worth it. For those who are not aware, this pet can be obtained through a Cracked Egg, which is 350 bucks or the 600 bucks Pet Egg, or of course, by trading with other players.

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