Adopt Me: Neon Starfish – How Much is Neon Starfish Worth?



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The Starfish is still available in Adopt Me to this day. Usually, most of the pets are unavailable any more, or obtainable only through trading of you have an egg.

Adopt Me: Neon Starfish – How Much is Neon Starfish Worth?

You can get the Starfish from the Star Rewards or trading. Its price is 550 stars and that will take you four months to obtain. It was an ultra-rare, but how much is a neon Starfish worth today?

Whether you are selling one, or looking to buy, it’s a good idea to know what is its worth.

How Much is Neon Starfish Worth? – Adopt Me

We have seen a lot of pets in Adopt Me that have their value skyrocket, or even plummet heavily. It’s dependent on multiple factors, so it’s hard to estimate how well a pet’s value will grow.

Appearance is the most important factor, because if the pet is esthetically-pleasing, chances are that there will be more interest for it. If there is more interest, there is a market for it, which means higher value.

But is there interest for the neon Starfish? How much is the neon Starfish worth in Adopt Me?

The value for the neon Starfish is about a mid-tier legendary pet. This is quite a shock that this pet more or less retained its value after so much time.

But I can see how this pet would retain or even increase its value, and I think you can too. It has a very unique physique, because of course, it’s a Starfish.

When in neon form, there are dots on the Starfish’s front side lighting up in an interesting pattern. They’ll glow pink or baby blue.

Basically, it’s worth a good enough legendary pet, which like the Starfish, it’s unique in appearance. Whether you are selling or buying, try to get the best deal based on this information. Good luck!

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