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Back in the day, while the Thanksgiving event was live, players could obtain the Turkey pet and the Turkey Plush. Both were available for a limited time.

Adopt Me: Turkey Plush – How Much is Turkey Plush Worth

The Turkey Plush, according to the Adopt Me wiki, is an uncommon toy. It serves no purpose, it’s just a leisure item. You can’t obtain it these days, except if you are trading with other players.

But to trade you need to know how much is the Turkey Plush worth. Let’s talk about that.

How Much is the Turkey Plush Worth – Adopt Me

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The appearance of this toy is the same as the Turkey pet, just smaller as expected. Unlike other uncommon toys, there isn’t much information on the Turkey Plush.

Additionally, the trades we have seen vary exceptionally. Some trade it for some low-value items, while others trade it for legendary pets. So, it’s a bit diverse.

Let’s get right into it. How much is the Turkey Plush worth in Adopt me?

The Turkey Plush is worth as much as a legendary pet.

Yeah, I know that that’s surprising, but the data suggests that many players have traded legendary pets to get it.

So, it seems like this item is quite rare. However, most players selling it, are looking much lower value items, which is interesting.

The Turkey Plush is one of those items in Adopt Me whose value cannot be easily determined. There are mixed thoughts on this toy, most of them quite negative, saying that the Turkey Plush is not worth anything.

It does seem like it. There isn’t anything special about this toy, unlike the other valuable ones. If you are looking to trade yours, then expect more than an ultra-rare item.

However, if you are buying one, test the ground first. In other words, offer lower value items and see how the player responds. Some are willing to give it up for extremely cheap!

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