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Whatever the given rarity of a pet or a toy is in Adopt Me, there are no boundaries to how much an item’s value can grow. Sometimes, it might outgrow the value of higher rarity items. But in the case of the Tombstone Ghostify, how much is it worth it? Has it outgrown other items in value, or has it remained undervalued? Join us as we break that down!

Adopt Me: What Is a Tombstone Ghostify Worth

What Is A Tombstone Ghostify Worth – Adopt Me

Tombstone Ghostify is a rare toy that was available during the 2018 Haloween event. Then, there were a lot of new additions to the game, among which, the Tombstone Ghostify. Since then, the value of those items has grown, and it seems like that’s the case for the Tombstone as well.

What does it do? When a player holds the Tombstone, the character slowly disappears. When holding it, it takes some effort to see the player, as it makes the player nearly invisible.

So, how much is it? Well, it has grown quite a lot in value. The Tombstone Ghostify is worth at least three Lanterns, or an Owl. In some cases, there have been reports about players getting Frost Dragons for this item, and clearly, it holds water.

Although it is rare to find someone that is interested that much in the Tombstone, since it has quite a low demand. But nevertheless, its value is quite high, and you might get a Frost Dragon for it, if you’re lucky.

It is one of the most valued rare toys. Granted, there are only a handful, but it exceeds the value of some other legendary or ultra-rare toys.

Back in the day, you could snatch a Tombstone Ghostify for twenty-five hundred candies, which was quite a lot of many. As we mentioned before, there were a lot of pets and toys that were introduced in this era, which are also one of the highest valued items right now.

The point is that 2018 was a good year for Adopt Me, and you can easily see why the Tombstone’s value grew in time.

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