Axie Infinity How to Get Mystic?


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All normal Axies in Axie Infinity have parents and can pass down many of their characteristics. In contrast, there are special ones called Mystics Axies that are precious, making them highly sought-after assets in the game.

Axie Infinity How to Get Mystic?

If you want to learn more about Mystic Axies, you’re in the right place. Players who don’t have a Mystic Axie can get them, though you may need to pay an arm and a leg for them. Keep reading to learn more about buying these Mystic creatures in Axie Infinity.

What Are Mystic Axies?

First, you’ll need to know what Origin Axies are. These Axies have no parents and are the first-ever sold to players. There are 4,088 Origin Axies in the game, and this number will never rise.

Origin Axies have a 1 in 18 chance of getting one Mystic body part, and as each Axie has six parts, there are possibly creatures who are entirely Mystic. However, as of now, the most Mystic parts an Axie has had is four. Only three of these Quad-Mystics exist today.

Mystic body parts look more fabulous and sophisticated than standard body parts. While they can breed, their offspring won’t inherit Mystic status. They may get standard versions of the parts instead if it inherits the right traits.

Mystic Axies have a purple tag with “Mystic” beside their names.

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Not all Origin Axies are circulating, as the developers keep a few as rewards for future special events. So, it’s still possible to obtain special Axies. The developers also have plans to give Mystic Axies powers normal Axies don’t have.

For reference, here are the chances of an Origin Axie having at least one Mystic part:

  • One Mystic part: 25%
  • Two Mystic parts: 3.68%
  • Three Mystic parts: 0.28%
  • Four Mystic parts: 0.0127%
  • Five Mystic parts: 0.000299%
  • Six Mystic parts: 0.0000000294%

If you’re unsure what Mystics and Origins are, remember that all Mystics are Origin Axies, but not all Origin Axies are Mystic ones.

Getting a Mystic Axie in Axie Infinity

The best way to get Mystic Axies is to buy them from someone who has them. You can win one from an event or tournament, but those aren’t always guaranteed.

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Buying Mystic Axies

Mystic Axie owners can always place their adorable and one-of-a-kind creatures in the marketplace. As of writing time, the only Quad-Mystic on the market costs 500 Ethereum. If you’re curious, that’s $17,849,187.50 in real-world money.

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Its name is Galadriel, a pretty famous Axie in the community. Someone bought Galadriel in 2019 for 70 Ethereum, but it’s now worth around 100 times the former price.

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Getting Axies From Events

The Origin Axies were only obtainable with a cryptocurrency called Axie Origin Coins (AOC). The developers have mentioned reserving some AOC as a tournament or contest prize. If you’re lucky and skilled enough to win, you might get a Mystic Axie this way; however, there’s no telling when this tournament or contest will happen.

As mentioned earlier, the number of Origin Axies will never exceed 4,088. The developers have even signed and released a public contract that states breaching this condition is out of the question.

Thus, when the AOC runs out and all Origin Axies have been claimed, there will be no more Mystic Axies. You’ll have to buy them from other players.

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Imagine Getting One

While anyone can dream, Mystic Axies are indeed the rarest of the rare Axies in existence. Galadriel is incredibly expensive, and few people can afford it. If you have the luck, perhaps you’ll own the newest Mystic via a future tournament or contest. Until then, you’ll have to content yourself with news of other players’ Mystics.

Do you know someone who has a Mystic Axie? What do you think about these fantastic creatures? Let us know in the comments section below.

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