How to Get the New Ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty


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In the sprawling neon-lit metropolis of Night City, where intrigue and chaos reign supreme, players of Cyberpunk 2077 are getting newfound life. This is thanks to the game’s new expansion: Phantom Liberty. Here, players continue their relentless quest for hidden truths and alternate realities.

How to Get the New Ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

As the game’s immersive narrative unfolds, one of the most anticipated objectives among players is discovering the elusive new ending. This guide will delve into how to get the new ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

This will provide you with essential choices and strategies to unlock this tantalizing conclusion and explore the myriad possibilities that await in this dystopian future. So, prepare to hack into the secrets of Night City as we embark on a journey to attain a new ending in this electrifying cyberpunk adventure.

How to Get the New Ending

In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, the player can pursue two paths to get the new ending. This ending changes the regular ending of Cyberpunk 2077’s main game. For each method, the player must take on specific choices.

These choices involve the main quest of Songbird and Solomon Reed in the “Firestarter.” ​​Based on the player’s choices here, the player must make major decisions on the “Somewhat Damaged” or “The Killing Moon” main quest.

Consider this your spoiler alert for details in the game! The following are the ways to get the new ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty:

Method #1

During the fight at the launch pad, the player must allow Reed to get hold of Songbird. This is in return for choosing to retrieve the Neural Matrix inside her and utilize it to heal the player of the Blackwall infection. Songbird admits during the tram trip beforehand that either her or the player can only use the cure. This means that she tricked the player. The FIA will take Songbird, and the player will never see her again. 

To accomplish this, the player must perform two things:

  1. In the Firestarter main quest, the player must aid Songbird in fleeing Hansen and Reed.
  2. Then, when Reed faces the player while bringing Songbird to the shuttle, accept to let Reed take her. This happens in “The Killing Moon” main quest.

When the player reaches the launchpad, the player can phone Reed. But it makes no difference because he’ll appear at the shuttle entrance anyway. The point is that the player has to agree to let go of Songbird.

In a nutshell, the FIA gets hold of Songbird, and Reed will survive. Doing so will uncover the new, alternate ending for the main game. There are no other rewards when doing this method.

Even though V claims they do not want anything to do with FIA anymore, Reed will contact the player after Phantom Liberty. Because of that, the player can select this new, alternate ending for the base game. This is if they text Reed back and say they’ve changed their minds. Then, take on the quests until you reach the ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ quest.

On the other hand, the player can kill Reed and assist Songbird in boarding the shuttle at the Night City spaceport. Because of that, she can travel to the moon and remove the Neural Matrix. Because of that, she is presumed healed of the Blackwall infection. Doing so will not unlock the new, alternate ending of the base game.

Also, the player can obtain Reed’s iconic Pariah pistol near his body. This is after getting Songbird to the shuttle before seeing the shuttle lift off. Johnny will approve of any ending in which the player frees Songbird. The final sequence shows you two talking while staring out towards the spaceport.

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Method #2

Beneath Dogtown in the core of the Militech bunker, the player must decline to kill Songbird to access the new ending. Songbird has stated that she will get lost in the Blackwall and forever attempt to recollect who she is. Once that happens, nobody can ever save her, so she will ask the player to end her. Because of that, making this decision can be quite hard. Good luck with pursuing this route.

The player can do the following to get the new ending:

  1. During the “Firestarter” quest, the player must aid Reed in getting a hold of Songbird. Once V and Songbird are alone in the room with the Cynosure gadget, the player can assist Reed in capturing Songbird.
  2. When you speak with So Mi in the Militech Bunker’s core, select the “Spare So Mi” option. This is during the “Somewhat Damaged” quest.

For this method, Reed will show up and pick Songbird up. In this ending, the player travels to the desert to visit Myers and hand Songbird over. Here, the president will be more pleased with the player and will assist the player in finding a cure. Doing so gives the player access to the alternate ending of the base game. She will additionally present the player with a medal. There is an option to decline this medal if you want to.

In a nutshell, just like the previous method, Reed survives, and the FIA takes Songbird. Because of that, the player also unlocks the new, alternate ending of the base game. Because Reed and Songbird are still alive in this scenario, Reed will message the player shortly after Phantom Liberty is finished. The player can pursue this until the “Who Wants to Live Forever” quest. There, the player will find the alternate ending for the main game. 

If the player takes the Behavioral System Component from Cerberus and obtains the blueprints from the bunker, the player will get another quest after the ending. This quest is to take it to Yoko for decryption. After that, you can use it to make the Militech Canto MK.6 Cyberdeck or the Erebus SMG.

On the other hand, if the player helps Reed get a hold of Songbird but eliminates her, Reed will arrive and is dissatisfied with the player. President Myers will also be dissatisfied at the entrance to Night City in the desert when the player brings Songbird’s dead body to her.

Because of that, the player cannot unlock the alternate ending. However, if you still took the Behavioral System Component from Cerberus and the blueprints, the player can still create the Erebus SMG or the Militech Canto MK.6 Cyberdeck.


It’s important to note that getting the new ending will overwrite the rest of the main game, including its end. Because of that, it is highly advised to experience the main game’s original ending before the new one. Taking the new ending from the new expansion will stop your gameplay before completing huge portions of the main game.

Furthermore, the new, alternative conclusion focuses more on the expansion’s characters than the majority of 2077’s cast. This makes it different from how the story is supposed to be experienced. This is especially true if this is your first playthrough.

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