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Elden Ring bosses come in all shapes and sizes. From small humanoid creatures to freakishly large beasts. This variety results in a need for unique strategies and planning for each boss. One striking Elden Ring boss is the Stonedigger Troll. Owing to his nightmarishly towering figure, it can instill fear into its opponent before the battle even commences. Fret not, however, as no matter how daunting the Troll may seem, it can be easily outsmarted and outclassed with the help of the right strategy.

How to Beat Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring

Stonedigger Troll Overview

Stonedigger troll
Both versions of Stonedigger Trolls have similar movesets and weaknesses.

Stonedigger Troll is a large troll with a body composed of stones and a hollow upper body. An equally mammoth club occupies its right hand, which it uses to crush its enemies to a pulp. It roams the underground tunnel of the game world, which is where you’ll likely encounter the Troll.

Health Bar: The Limgrave Tunnel variant of Stonedigger Troll will have 1295 HP on your first playthrough, and the Old Altus Tunnel variant will have, roughly, 3000 HP, albeit it hasn’t been confirmed.

Types of Damage: Both variants of the Stonedigger Troll deal standard and physical damage.

Weaknesses: Both variants of the Stonedigger Troll are weak to magic, sleep, and strike damage.

Weapons: Both Stonedigger Trolls wield a Great Club, which is the central focus of most of their attacks. Other than the club, the Stonedigger Troll often uses its foot to strike targets from close-range.

Parrying: Regrettably, neither Stonedigger Trolls can be parried.

Elden Ring Stonedigger Troll’s Locations: Two variants of the Stonedigger Troll can be encountered during your playthrough, each in a separate location.

  • Limgrave Tunnels in Limgrave:

The first variant of the Stonedigger Troll can be found at the very bottom of the Limgrave Tunnels in Limgrave. Once you make your way down the tunnel system, you’ll find a large wooden door, which you’ll need to open in order to initiate the boss fight.

  • Old Altus Tunnels in Altus Plateau:

The second and final variant of the Stonedigger Troll can be found in the Old Altus Tunnel dungeon. You’ll need a Stonesword key to access this dungeon, which can be obtained in a number of ways, the most convenient of which is buying it from Patches’ shop, assuming you spared his life.

The variant found in Old Altus Tunnels is slightly more powerful and offers greater rewards. But apart from that, both variants share near-identical characteristics and movesets.


  • Foot Stomp: If the Stonedigger Troll notices you lurking around, it will react by raising its foot and slamming it down on the ground, creating a medium-range AoE. This attack can be easily evaded by dodging in any direction.
  • Club Swipe: This attack is usually a direct follow-up to the Foot Stomp attack. During this attack, Stonedigger Troll drags its club horizontally across the floor. If you’re in range, dodging forward in between the Troll’s legs will keep you out of harm’s way.
  • Club Smash: As the name suggests, Stonedigger Troll raises its club and quickly smashes it down on the ground. You can evade this attack and set up a counter by running around the Troll and placing yourself behind it. 
  • Wind-up Club Smash: This is a more powerful version of the previous attack, wherein the Stonedigger Troll lifts its club above its head and charges up for an attack. Not only will this attack deal devastating damage but it will create a large AoE. Your safest bet is to retreat far away from the Troll as soon as you see it lifting its club. Alternatively, you can roll at the exact moment of impact.
  • Quadruple Club Smash Combo: Stonedigger Troll will let out a furious growl before performing four consecutive overhead smashes down on the ground. It’s devastatingly powerful but is easily avoidable by staying behind the Troll.
  • Club Raise: After each club smash, Stonedigger Troll will violently lift its club upwards, creating a sizeable AoE, which can catch you off-guard if you aren’t careful.
  • Hand Swipe: If you’re up close and personal, Stonedigger Troll will often react by swiping whatever is in front of it with its unarmed hand. You can dodge in any direction to evade this attack, but you should preferably dodge forward to set yourself up for a counter.
  • Flurry of Attacks: Similarly to the quadruple club smash combo, Stonedigger Troll lets out a loud growl before performing a set of powerful and heavy swings and slams with its club, followed by a fifth and final delayed strike. It’s advisable that you retreat far away from the Troll as soon as you notice its growl.

Pre-fight Preparation

Regardless of your build, spirit ashes will always come in handy in the fight against these trolls.

Some pre-fight preparation is needed for this boss fight. Your prep will heavily depend on your build. Melee builds must prep differently from ranged builds. There is one general tip, however, which should apply to both builds.

Use magic

Like most bosses in Limgrave Tunnels, Stonedigger Troll is resistant to slashing and piercing damage, which makes up the majority of weapon damage. Should you have some magic lying around, use it. It will make this fight infinitely easier, especially if you’re a magic and ranged player.

Melee Builds

Summon high-damaging spirit ashes

Having spirit ashes that can quickly chip away at the Troll’s health bar alongside you can be of great aid, allowing you to make light work of the Stonedigger Troll.

Our picks for this boss fight would be Northern Mercenary Ashes or Noble Sorcerer Ashes. Although, you’re free to use whatever you’ve got in your possession, as long as it can deal additional damage.

Equip weapons that deal strike damage

Stonedigger Troll’s resistance to slashing and piercing damage will harshly limit your choice of weapons. For this boss fight, a blunt weapon that can deal strike damage would be ideal, compared to weapons that deal physical damage.

Two-hand your weapon

Assuming you’ve got a double-handed weapon, you should use it. One-handed weapons deal minuscule damage against the Stonedigger Troll and will unnecessarily draw out the fight. Plus, you’ll be at no risk of staggers after each attack.

Double-handing your weapon will deny you the ability to use your shield, but that should be a manageable compromise, given that the Troll’s attacks are easily avoidable.

Magic and Ranged Builds

Summon tanky spirit ashes

Tanky spirit ashes will distract the Stonedigger Troll for a fairly long time, possibly even the entire boss fight, allowing you to comfortably and safely chip away at the Troll’s health bar from afar.

Our pick for this boss fight would be Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, which can be obtained from Stormhill Shack in Limgrave by repeatedly conversing with Roderika. Lone Wolf Ashes can also be of great help, as it’ll trigger a chain of slam combos, which have a lengthy recovery time.

But, as always, you’re free to use whatever spirit ashes you have on hand.

Fight Strategy

As always, fighting strategy varies drastically, depending on your build.

It’s crunch time now. You’re face to face with the Stonedigger Troll and you need a plan of action. The said plan will differ depending on the orientation of your build. Melee-focused builds will require a different strategy than that of magic and ranged builds. So, let’s discuss both settings.

Melee Players

Try to position yourself behind the Troll’s feet

As Stonedigger Troll’s attacks are mostly slow and sluggish, dodging them consistently should be an effortless task. Try to aim your dodges toward the Troll and preferably through its feet, which would place you in a prime position to unleash a powerful attack on the Troll. 

Perform a critical attack on its head when it falls

Once you incur enough damage by attacking its feet, the Stonedigger Troll will topple over on its belly, giving you a once-in-a-fight chance to strike its head with a critical attack for maximum damage.

Focus on performing jumping attacks

Most attacking windows during this boss fight are lengthy enough for jumping attacks to be a viable and safe technique to incur large damage. Capitalize on this aspect of the fight and incur as much damage as possible.

Retreat after each attack

Once you make your move, retreat and get yourself out of the Troll’s close range, as it usually reacts by performing a quick close-range attack, such as a foot stomp or a hand swipe.

Guard counter foot stomps

While using your shield is generally unadvised for this boss fight, guard countering the Troll’s foot stomps can be an effective way of creating highly advantageous striking opportunities.

Guard counters are performed by blocking the end of an attack, which breaks the boss’ stance and opens up a lengthy window for a heavy attack. 

With a powerful enough shield, you could even block the Troll’s shockwaves and large AoEs.

Magic and Ranged Players

Let the spirit ashes do the heavy lifting

Your summoned spirit ashes will keep the Stonedigger Troll distracted for a long period, hopefully, the entirety of the fight, and will shave off a large chunk of its health bar during that time period.

Bide your time. Don’t be trigger-happy. And don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Keep your distance, but don’t stray too far

As a ranged player, you’ll want to keep your distance at all times. The issue is that if you stray too far, you’ll trigger the Troll’s devastatingly large AoE attacks, which are rather difficult to evade. So, save yourself the trouble, and refrain from straying too far.

Be wary of overhead wind-up club smash

No matter how far away and safe you think you are, always brace yourself for the worst whenever you notice the start of the Stonedigger Troll’s wind-up club smash attack. Make sure to dodge away whenever it starts.

Also, if you’re unfortunate enough to be directly behind the Troll after its club smash, expect a quick swivel and downward swing and act accordingly.

Resort to your shield

In case of emergency, your shield is your best friend. disadvantageous situations will always be around the corner during this boss fight, so be ready to use it whenever the situation calls for it.


Depending on the location of your encounter with the Stonedigger Troll, your rewards will be different. Here’s what to expect from each encounter:

  • Limgrave Tunnels: Besting the Stonedigger Troll in Limgrave Tunnels will award you 1,800 Runes on your first playthrough and a Roar Medallion, which is an Elden Ring talisman that increases the damage dealt with roars and breath attacks.
  • Old Altus Tunnels: Defeating the Stonedigger Troll in Old Altus Tunnels will reward you with 9,600 Runes and the Troll’s very own Great Club.

With the help of the strategies above, the Stonedigger Troll should be no match for you, as you’ll know the ins and outs of every possibility. It may prove difficult at first, but as long as you follow our strategies and maintain your composure, you’ll breeze past the Troll with ease. Best of luck!

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