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DayZ is one of the most underrated survival horror games out there. Despite its small following, the game continues to grow, sporting a large number of players on a regular basis. Since it’s already years old, it can be quite intimidating to dive into the large open-world of DayZ to face off against humans and zombies alike.

A Beginner's Survival Guide to DayZ

Let’s first talk about DayZ and how it works. The goal of the game is to survive as long as you can. That may sound simple enough but everything is against you in this game. You have to worry about your health meter, your temperature meter, your hunger, and your thirst meter as well. On top of that, you have to fend against wildlife, zombies, the elements, and of course, other players.

The other players are your biggest threats in the game considering that some of them are going to have better equipment than you. With that in mind, you should take these tips on your journey to help you survive just a little bit longer in DayZ.

Build A Campfire

Believe it or not, one of the worst killers in DayZ isn’t other players or zombies – it’s hypothermia. Considering how rain can happen at any time and the fact that you have limited-to-no clothing at the start of the game, it shouldn’t be surprising that hypothermia is fairly common.

You should focus on building a fireplace kit first. To build one, you’ll need a stick and then either rags, bandages, or paper. Combine the two items to create a fireplace kit. This will be your primary source of heat but it can also be a means to cook food as well.

What To Focus On First

There are countless items scattered throughout the world and it can be intimidating to find which ones to get first. During your first few hours in the game, focus on getting food, water, and clothing first. These are going to be your primary means of surviving the early game.

That being said, you should try to avoid engaging with enemies early on in the game. Don’t focus on facing off against hostile creatures; the first thing you should be worried about is your hunger, thirst, and temperature.

Find Temporary Shelter

The game takes place in the fictional Republic of Chernarus. The game map is pretty large and in it are various locales and structures. At the very start of the game, it would be wise to focus on finding a temporary shelter first. This can be a small run-down shack or an abandoned building – your only limit is your imagination, and whatever the game spawns.

This is very important as you’ll need a place to run to and hide just in case you get into trouble or when the weather gets rough. Fortunately, there are shacks and small shelters scattered throughout, even across the countryside as well.

Grab A Knife

You’ll be equipped with the basics at first so what you can do in the game is fairly limited. If you want an easy means to protect yourself and to forage for food, you’ll need to grab a knife. There are plenty of knives around the world but it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to find one lying around.

Craft a Stone Knife in DayZ Standalone - HubPages

The good news is that you can craft a knife for a relatively low amount of resources. Simply find a stone, equip it, then craft it to become an improvised knife. While it can be used to defend yourself, it’s a good item to use when hunting and scavenging for food as well.

Stick Close To The Road

Once you’ve got enough food and water to last you a few days, you should begin closing in on cities. That being said, one effective way to find the suburbs or any rural locations in the game is to stick near the roads. If you stick close to it, you’ll eventually find some great areas to loot.

Slowly work your way toward abandoned towns; these are going to be your best source for gear and loot. Just keep in mind that there are going to be a lot of other players and zombies in these areas as well – so watch your back.

Listen In For Chickens

Chickens are going to be an excellent source of food early on in the game. If you have a makeshift knife already, then hunting for a chicken shouldn’t be too hard. What’s hard is trying to locate one in a desolate world such as the one in DayZ.

Your best bet to find chickens fast is to head over to a farmhouse, there are always chickens in these areas. Once there, all you need to do is listen in closely if some chickens are cuckooing. Just like in real life, you’ll get sick in the game if you eat raw chicken, so make sure to craft a campfire and cook it up first.

Invest In A Good Headset

One of the main features in the game that you should utilize at all costs is the audio. Whether you’re talking with other players or are listening for zombie footsteps, you can use environmental sounds to make sure that nothing gets the upper hand on you in the world – trust me, when you hear bears coming for you, you’ll thank me for giving you time to run.

While turning your volume all the way up is a good idea, it’s much better to invest in a decent headset instead. The more crisp your sounds are, the better you’ll be at locating other living (and non-loving) around you.

Be Friendly

Also, don’t forget to be friendly in the game. If you’re a newbie, you’ll come across a few players and not all of them are going to take kindly of you. If you are nice enough to them, they’ll leave you be or even help you out by giving you some items.

However, it’s often best to just avoid other players altogether, at least until you have decent equipment. That way, you’ll be able to fend for yourself just in case they do something bad to you. Of course, you should also be kind to newcomers once you have good equipment already. It pays to have allies in DayZ.

Along the way, you’ll be meeting up with other players as well. If you’re both playing with a new character, it would be best to team up with them first. But of course, always keep one eye open as DayZ players are notorious for betraying others.

Always Play In Third Person

There are benefits to playing both in the first and third person. If you are a beginner though, we suggest playing with the third-person perspective. This will give you a broader view of the map-making sure that you can spot items, zombies, and other players alike.

First-person is best if you finally have a firearm in the game. Being comfortable with both perspectives will benefit you well so make sure to practice playing in first-person once you get used to third-person.

DayZ can be cruel for beginners. Any newcomer to the game can get easily overwhelmed with its survival mechanics. With these tips, however, we hope it will be easier for you to stay longer in the game amidst all of the challenges that are thrown in your way. Happy hunting!

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