A Beginner’s Guide To Fishing in Minecraft (2023)


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All you need to know on how to start fishing in Minecraft.

A Beginner's Guide To Fishing in Minecraft (2023)

In Minecraft, players can do different activities to keep themselves occupied and entertained in their adventures. One of the more useful things to do and peaceful activities is fishing. Fishing is one of the most underrated activities in Minecraft.

Players can get or craft a fishing rod to start fishing from different water sources in the Overworld. For many players, it is used to relax and soak in the atmosphere of an interesting biome or recent build. It can be a great source of supplies and experience for other players.

You need to know about fishing and how it is done in Minecraft. This activity will allow the players to get different kinds of items. Though it is not the best way to collect a particular item, it can be useful sometimes. It is also a peaceful activity players can indulge themselves in when they want to catch a break from all their adventures.

Beginner’s Guide to Fishing in Minecraft

1. Weather Affects Fishing

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The weather and the placement of the bobber also affect the wait time for an item to get stuck on the hook. If the bobber is not directly exposed to the sun or moon, the wait time will increase by 50%.

And if you cast a fishing line out on a body of water that’s being rained on (the bobber must be exposed to rain), the amount of time before the bobber goes down (indicating that a fish has been caught), is reduced by about 20% compared to normal. Therefore, if you want to fish quickly and efficiently, consider waiting until it rains.

Also, if you want to pull up fish and treasure even more quickly, add the enchantments to your fishing rod! You’ll cut an extra 5 seconds off your waiting time for every enchantment level so that fishing takes no time.

2. Guide to Minecraft Fishing: The Basics

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You only need a fishing rod and a body of water to fish in Minecraft. This body of water can be of any size and depth, so even a single block of water is good enough to fish in! Every body of water is as good for fishing as any other, so you do not get different fish from different biomes.

You can fish from wherever you like, whether standing on the coast, sitting in a boat, or even submerged in the water. To start fishing, equip your fishing rod and right-click to cast your line into the water. You don’t need to aim at any particular place in the water.

You also do not need to see fish in the water to be able to catch fish there. Keep your fishing rod equipped, and wait patiently until you see a v-shaped trail of bubble particles in the water. This should only take between 5 and 30 seconds.

You won’t see the fish itself; instead, a particle trail will appear. Once it appears, it will quickly snake its way toward your fishing rod’s bobber. When it meets the bobber, there will be a loud splashing noise, and the bobber will sink underwater.

When this happens, right-click immediately to pull in your catch. If you do this correctly, you’ll receive a fish or some other loot (more on below) and some experience orbs.

You will also slightly lower the durability of your fishing rod with each catch unless it has been enchanted with the Unbreaking enchantment.

3. Enchantments for Fishing

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Two main enchantments can be applied to fishing rods to improve fishing in the game: the Lure enchantment and the Luck of the Sea enchantment.

Luck of the Sea is hands down one of the best Fishing Rod enchantments in Minecraft. This enchantment increases your chances of catching valuable items like enchanted books or fishing rods. We heavily recommend Luck of the Sea III Enchantment for the Fishing Rod when fishing.

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Lure is the second-best Fishing Rod Enchantment in Minecraft. As the name ‘Lure’ suggests, it increases the rate at which fish bite the hook. This enchantment will make fishing in Minecraft much more efficient and help with AFK fishing.

Ultimately, we recommend enchanting your fishing rod with Lure III, as it will save you time overall. It also has three levels, each increasing the rate you catch things faster.

4. Loot Obtained from Fishing

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Each time you make a catch with a basic fishing rod in Minecraft, there is an 85% chance that the catch will be a fish. However, 10% of the time, it will be a “junk” item, and 5% of the time, it will be a “treasure” item.

But to catch a “treasure” item, there must be a lot of uninterrupted open water around the bobber, at least 5x4x5 blocks. If fishing in a small area, you can only catch fish or “junk” items. Below is a list of all the fishing loot you can obtain in Minecraft and the chances of catching each one:

Fish Fishing Loot

  • Fishing Rod – 0.8% chance
  • Enchanted Book – 0.8% chance
  • Bow – 0.8% chance
  • Nautilus Shell – 0.8% chance
  • Saddle – 0.8% chance
  • Name Tag – 0.8% chance

Treasure Fishing Loot

  • Enchanted Fishing Rod – 0.8% chance
  • Enchanted Bow – 0.8% chance
  • Enchanted Book – 0.8% chance
  • Name Tag – 0.8% chance
  • Saddle – 0.8% chance
  • Nautilus Shell – 0.8% chance

Junk Fishing Loot

  • Bowl – 1.0% chance
  • Bone – 1.0% chance
  • Fishing Rod – 0.2% chance
  • Lily Pad – 1.7% chance
  • Tripwire Hook – 1.0% chance
  • Leather Boots – 1.0% chance
  • Rotten Flesh – 1.0% chance
  • Leather – 1.0% chance
  • String – 0.5% chance
  • Water Bottle – 1.0% chance
  • Stick – 0.5% chance
  • Ink Sac – 0.1% chance

Remember that the items and percentages stated in this list have a higher probability of increasing if the players are using the luck of the sea enchantment on their fishing rods and the level of the enchantment. If this guide to Minecraft fishing helped you, let us know in the comments below!

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