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Basalt is a rare Minecraft block that can only be obtained in a specific Nether biome. This guide will show you how to create an easy basalt generator, so you do not have to travel to the Nether to gather it.

How To Build A Basalt Generator in Minecraft

Minecraft generators are the next best thing when it comes to self-sufficient farming. There are two kinds of generators in Minecraft: manual and automatic. Manual generators make it easier for the players to personally gather the resource near their base, while automatic generators do all the work for them. And for some, automatic generators are a lot harder to build as they require more items, whereas manual generators usually only require a simple Redstone mechanism. This will show you how to build a simple manual basalt generator in Minecraft.

Materials Required To Build A Basalt Generator

  • 1 Lava bucket
  • 2 Blue ice blocks
  • 2 Soul soil blocks
  • 2 Minecart with hoppers
  • 2 Hoppers
  • 2 Chests
  • 2 Trapdoors
  • 2 Brick stairs
  • 4 Rails
  • 17 Slabs
  • 39 Brick blocks

Steps To Build A Basalt Generator

  1. Start with the layout of the generator. The layout should be a 7×3 wide area to make room for the entire structure of the generator.
  2. Dig two holes on the ground inside the outer layer of the structure as indicated in the picture below. The hole should only be one block deep.
  3. Go to the back side of the structure and place a hopper inside each of the hole. The hoppers should be facing front. To do this, simply click the back of the block that is in front of the hopper.
  4. Go back to the front side of the structure and dig two more holes next to the hoppers as indicated in the picture. Place a chest inside each of the hole.
  5. Build a 3-block high wall to create the back wall of the structure.
  6. Place seven more blocks in the order as shown in the picture below.
  7. Place two blue ice blocks and two soul soil blocks in the structure. The soul soil should be placed on top of the hoppers while the ice blocks should be adjacent to the soul soil.
  8. To finalize the structure, cover the front of the generator with blocks in the shape of the letter M.
  9. Go around the back of the structure and dig a 2-block high hole in the wall.
  10. Place a block behind each hole similar to the photo below.
  11. Place down the first rail on top of the block and place a second rail in between the block and the soul soil.
  12. Place a minecart with hopper on top of the rail on each block and push them in.
  13. Once the minecarts are inside the soul soil, destroy the rails and the blocks. The back view should look just like in the picture below.
  14. Cover the holes with blocks to completely form the back wall.
  15. Go back to the front. By now, the front side should look like the picture below. The blue ice should be at the side, the soul soil should be adjacent to the ice, a minecart with hopper should be in the soul soil, the hopper should be below the soul soil, and a chest should be in front of the hopper in which the hopper should be attached to.
  16. Place a trapdoor on top of the 2-block high hole. The trapdoor must stay open. You can use any kind of trapdoor for this.
  17. Go to the top of the structure and using a lava bucket, place a source of lava inside the hole. This will allow the lava to flow into the structure to generate basalt.
  18. Cover the roof with slabs. Make sure the slabs aren’t wooden to avoid burning the structure with lava.
  19. Lastly, go back to the front of the generator and place upside down stairs just above each of the chest as a final touch.
  20. The basalt generator is now complete. The entire structure should look just like in the picture below.

How To Use The Basalt Generator

  1. To use the basalt generator, mine the basalt with any type of pickaxe.
  2. Once mined, wait for the lava to flow into the blue ice and the soul soil again. This will immediately turn the lava into basalt.
  3. Once the basalt has regenerated, mine it again. Keep doing this until you have collected enough basalt.
  4. When you have mined enough basalt blocks, you can collect them inside the chest below.
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