Can You Play Phasmophobia On A Mac


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This unbelievable paranormal game has been catching the eye of millions of gamers around the globe. It just seems like a lot of fun when people find out about its co-op capabilities.

Can You Play Phasmophobia On A Mac

We all know that this game is available on Steam, but is it available on other platforms? Can you cross-play with players from other systems? Or can you play Phasmophobia on a Mac?

Today, we will answer all these questions!

Is Phasmophobia Playable on a Mac

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Having such a big interest for it, players from all platforms are trying to jump in on the fun. Not that this game has been advertised or marketed heavily, but all its success stems from the game’s interesting concept.

Furthermore, it has been extensively featured and played by a lot of big-name content creators, which snowballed its growing interest even more.

But the big question is: Can you play Phasmophobia on a Mac platform?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Phasmophobia on a Mac, it is strictly available on Steam only for PC. Not that just the Mac players are hurt, but the console gamers too.

This game isn’t released for neither PS4 or Xbox One, or even Nintendo Switch for that matter. The videogame can be played both in VR or in regular mode on PC.

If you are up for some nerve-racking gameplay, I suggest using VR equipment.

For now, there are no plans or statements made about whether this game will be released for other platforms as well. Looking through the Kinetic Games socials, there isn’t any evidence suggesting a release for other systems.

Furthermore, considering the game’s developers, i.e. Kinetic Games, are relatively new, it just makes the scenario even more unlikely. But you never know for sure, so for now we will have to sit tight and hope that this will happen.

If not, for all the console or Mac players out there including me, we got to go PC if we want to hunt down some ghosts.

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