How To Turn Off A Car Alarm in Phasmophobia


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Hunting the ghosts in this game can be a little bit tricky. The spirits will often play tricks on you, and try to get you off their tracks. They will try to do this in many ways, most of which will be quite annoying.

How To Turn Off A Car Alarm in Phasmophobia

For example, often the entities in Phasmophobia will turn on car alarms. The car alarm will be playing over and over until you disable it. But how can you turn off a car alarm in Phasmophobia?

Worry not because we have the answer to this puzzling question.

Phasmophobia: Turn Off A Car Alarm

phasmophobia car alarm

Keep in mind that, this will not happen on every map in the game. This is a special mechanic, available only to maps which have vehicles parked in front of the buildings.

Furthermore, it’s not apparent that this will unfold every time you are in a match which has a car in front. Some ghosts can’t turn the car alarm on, and some won’t get the chance to do so.

Nonetheless, this is how to turn off a car alarm in Phasmophobia:

  1. Find the vehicle’s keys.
  2. Left-click to pick up car keys.
  3. Go outside and stand next to the driver’s door.
  4. Left-click once more to disable the alarm.

Vehicle keys will usually be around the entrance in the house. Look for a bowl or a hanger to find the keys. Sometimes they might spawn in different locations, but the most probable place is the front of the house.

We are not sure that you need to stand next to the driver-side door particularly, so try anywhere else, just make sure you are close to the vehicle.

If you are swift with turning the alarm off, then be start searching around the vehicle, since the ghost can be still present. Good luck!

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