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Clans fought against other clans for supremacy in the old days, and Clash of Clans builds upon this idea. During Clan War Leagues, players get to represent their Clans in battle in a fight to victory. There are plenty of rewards like League Medals, but how exactly do you get them?

How to Get League Medals in Clash of Clans

To get League Medals, you must participate in the Clan War Leagues. League Medals are an excellent currency to spend on practical items. Keep on reading to find out more about this valuable reward.

The Requirements

There are only two requirements to get League Medals. The first is to be in a Clan, and the second is eligible for the Clan War League.

Should you be in a Clan and the Clan Leader selects you for battle, you can participate in the War Leagues or Champion Leagues, depending on how high your Clan’s rank is. Before this, the Clan Leader or co-Leader must sign up for the War Leagues within two days of the start.

At least 15 players must participate, though all 50 members of a Clan can also fight. If you’re outside the roster, you won’t earn any League Medals.

Clan War League Basics

Clans who participate in the regular War Leagues or Champion Leagues will fight seven other Clans within the same League. Each Clan will fight in one war for eight days, allowing all Clans to fight each other once.

During the first day, the Clan Leader selects the roster and asks members to prepare for war. Each day, every player will only get one attack, though double loot yields compensate for this.

At the end of the War League, Clans will either stay, get promoted, or be demoted to other Leagues. The outcome depends on a Clan’s performance in comparison to other Clans within the same League.

The more stars a Clan has, the higher their rank. Excellent rankings can lead to promotion to a stronger League.

Earning League Medals

Every player in the Clan’s War League roster will earn some League Medals after the fighting ends. The number of Medals they earn is affected by the Clan’s performance, individual performance, and bonuses.

Even if a player leaves the Clan mid-War League, they’re still eligible for the League Medals they earn. They can even earn bonuses if the Clan Leader decides to reward them.

The more Stars a player earns, the more League Medals they get from the war. Reaching more than eight Stars will grant 100% of the rewards.

At the end of eight days of combat, the Clan Leader or co-Leaders reward certain players with bonus League Medals. They have 21 days to choose who receives these extra Medals and must send out all bonuses simultaneously.

Once the leaders hand out bonuses, all Clan members can check who will receive them by looking at the Clan chat.

League Medal Shop

When you earn enough League Medals, you can go back to the Home Village shop. There will be a special section in which you can spend them. Here is a list of the rewards:

  • 2,500,000 Gold for 25 League Medals
  • 2,500,000 Elixir for 25 League Medals
  • Training Potion for 10 League Medals
  • Resource Potion for 10 League Medals
  • Research Potion for 20 League Medals
  • Builder Potion for 30 League Medals
  • 10x Wall Ring for 50 League Medals
  • Hammer of Fighting for 120 League Medals
  • Hammer of Building for 120 League Medals
  • Hammer of Spells for 120 League Medals
  • Hammer of Heroes for 165 League Medals
  • The Warrior Statue for 100 League Medals
  • The Challenger Statue for 250 League Medals
  • The Contender Statue for 500 League Medals
  • The Master Statue for 1,000 League Medals
  • The Champion Statue for 2,000 League Medals

Some rewards have additional conditions before you can exchange League Medals for them. Make sure to read the details if you have your eye on something in particular.

We Are the Strongest Clan

After proving your superiority in the War League or Champion League, you and other Clan members get to earn League Medals. The wares you can buy with them may be practical or just decorations. In any case, the long and grueling battles are worth it.

What War League is your Clan in right now? How many League Medals have you earned? Let us know in the comments section below.

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